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Your CPA License

What you need to know to keep your license active.

You know what it took to get your license, but do you know what it takes to keep it? In the state of Indiana, CPAs are required to fulfill continuing professional education requirements, but they are also required to renew their license through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA).

Indiana requires its CPAs to renew their licenses on a three year reporting cycle, which is determined by the state. The most recent renewal date was June 30, 2012, which means active CPAs will once again need to renew their licenses on June 30, 2015. If you didn't renew your license in 2012, your license is expired! Expired CPAs wishing to their license back to active status must contact the IPLA's Board of Accountancy.

Not sure you renewed? You can verify the status of your license online by visiting the license express service section of the professional licensing agency's web site. Clicking on "search and verify" and enter the appropriate search terms.

In order to ensure that you receive all necessary correspondence with the board update your addresses immediately upon moving. During renewal periods, the IPLA only sends one notice and it goes to the address on file. Moved recently? Contact the IPLA to change your address.

For your convenience, the IPLA also provides the most recent revisions of statutes and administrative rules governing the accounting profession online.

Additional questions? Contact the Society at 1-800-272-2054 or (317) 726-5000.