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DOR's 10 Tips to Be Prepared for Tax Season in Indiana

Jan 17, 2020

The busyness of the season doesn’t stop just because the holidays are over. As we all know, individual income tax season can be even more stressful than checking items off your holiday shopping list. And, like you, the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) is busy preparing for all the returns we anticipate receiving.

To help, DOR has developed tips to ensure your customers receive best-in-class customer service and a quick turnaround this season.

  1. Only use forms provided by DOR or DOR-approved tax preparation software.
  2. If your customer is filing for a federal eshjarxtension, you need to indicate in the appropriate checkbox. A separate extension is not necessary for the state return if filing for a federal extension.
  3. Report losses using a negative sign instead of parenthesis (e.g. -505, not (505)).
  4. Do not black out the barcode found at the bottom of forms and payment coupons. DOR uses this information to process forms.
  5. Include all necessary schedules and income statements when filing a paper return (for example, Schedule CT-40PNR with Form IT-40PNR).
  6. Assemble paper returns in order. There is a sequence number in the upper-right corner of each schedule.
  7. Do not staple or paper clip returns or any enclosures, including payments.
  8. When writing a check, be sure to include the taxpayer’s identification information: name, Social Security number and tax year. Each year, thousands of checks are submitted to DOR without the necessary identifying information.
  9. If you file electronically and pay by mail, do not include a manual copy of your tax return. Simply include the payment voucher and list the taxpayer information listed in #8 on the check.
  10. Advise clients to immediately open and respond to all mail from DOR. Many issues can be resolved with a quick phone call or by providing additional documentation.

For more tips and information for tax professionals, visit DOR’s Tax Professionals webpage.

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