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Game On: CPAs in Action at Deloitte

Oct 18, 2019

Volunteer Erica Chaney, CPA, on hosting a site visit for high school students for the INCPAS career awareness event

The Game On event was a half-day career awareness event for underrepresented high school students interested in business/accounting. The students heard from a panel of CPAs and CPA Candidates about the profession, participated in a business etiquette workshop, and toured firms and organizations to get a better idea of what it’s like to be a CPA.

Erica ChaneyNinety students from nine high schools around Indianapolis participated in this event and were split into different groups to encourage networking and interaction with the nine organizations that hosted students.

While I only had an hour with the students that visited the Deloitte office, I feel I made an impression on them. The students were most impressed with our Monument Circle views, but, beyond that, the presentation and tour highlighted the key aspects of the profession and allowed me to explain what a day in the life of an auditor was like. The students were engaged and asked a lot of questions about what type of clients I serve and what traveling for work was like.

As the audit new hires had started that week, I introduced our group to the recent college graduates who offered advice and a fresh perspective about why they went into accounting and how they choose their major. A few new hires asked me why there were high school students in our office, and after I explained the program, they said they wished they had participated in something similar in high school.

The office tour was impactful to showcase that our office is mobile in that we don’t have a permanent desk we sit at each day — rather, if we’re in the office that day, we reserve a desk of our choice, which we check into upon arrival at the office. The different team rooms and spaces showed the students how different groups work together to complete their project.

It’s important for students to see what an office environment looks like and hear from a professional in the field they're interested in, especially if the adults in their lives are not in a similar profession. I really enjoyed the engaging questions the students asked and showing them around the office.

I hope we sparked interest with some young talent to the profession!

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