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Project NextDOR Rollout 2 Information

Nov 18, 2019

Indiana Department of Revenue

As you put away your trick-or-treat bags and get your turkey roasters ready, DOR wants to provide a quick update on where we are with Rollout 2 of 4 within our modernization effort, Project NextDOR. 

What do you need to know?

Rollout 1 was a success! The first phase of DOR’s modernization effort was on time and under budget—words not often spoken in government. If you need more information regarding any of the four project rollouts, visit

Need to know how to register with INTIME?

  • Customers and practitioners for Rollout 1 tax types can register with INTIME using the Letter ID number sent via DOR correspondence or use one of the last five payment amounts.
  • DOR has a short video tutorial available to customers, which explains the registration process.

Need help with INTIME?

  • Utilize the Practitioner Quick Start Guide.
  • Call our INTIME Customer Service Specialists at 317-232-0129, option “1”, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (EST).

Need to know what tax types are affected by which rollout?

  • Rollout 1 included the following tax types: Aircraft Dealer, Aircraft Excise, C Corporation, Financial Institution, Non-Profit, Partnership, S Corporation, and Utility Receipts

  • Rollout 2 will include the following tax types: Consumer Use, County Admissions, County Innkeeper's, Food and Beverage, Heavy Equipment Rental, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Motor Vehicle Rental Excise, Out-of-State Use, Sales, Tire Fee, Utility Services Use Tax, Wireless Prepaid Cards, and Withholding

Rollout 2 is set to launch on September 8, 2020 — so what are we working on now?

  • The Project NextDOR Team recently finished the “Definition Phase,” which means we have identified system behaviors as they currently exist, and how to potentially improve business processes. 

  • Our next phase is Base Configuration where Rollout 2 definitions supporting core business processes will be configured, implemented and verified in a testing environment.

Do you or your organization have an interest in hearing from DOR and the project team in-person?

We can provide a demonstration of the INTIME portal and answer any project questions. Simply email Emily Boesen to schedule a meeting.


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