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Controllers Conference

Virtual Agenda

Date: March 17–18, 2021

CPE: 4 hours (Earn up to 2 hours of A&A and 2 hours of Ethics on Day 1)
CLE: 1.67 hours
NLS: 1.67 hours

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8:30–10:10 A.M. General Session

Risk Management in a Post-COVID World

John L. Daly, CPA, CMA, CPIM, MBA, Executive Education, Inc.

With each new crisis, surviving organizations revise their risk management plans, often modeling situations that look like the one just past. Whatever crisis troubles your organization next, it is not likely to be another pandemic, but may resemble some other crisis from the distant past.

Research shows that top-performing organizations do no better than their mediocre-performing peers at predicting the next crisis. However, because they do a better job at planning, they are better prepared when something else happens because they have the most important pieces of the solution in place. Get your organization, and your family, prepared for the next crisis that may affect you.


10:10–10:20 A.M. Break

It's time to stretch and get a coffee refill.


10:20 A.M.–NOON General Session

Devious Ethics: Dealing with Snakes in Suits

Richard A. Karwic, MBA, The Knowledge Institute

Good people believe everyone else is just like them. We cannot imagine someone could con us or our company and have no guilt or remorse. Lack of guilt and empathy are key traits of a psychopath. Experts estimate one out of 25 executives is a psychopath and may initially appear to be more normal than the rest of us. Psychopaths may present a convincing picture of virtue while helping themselves to money, status and power, leaving a path of shattered expectations, empty wallets, and broken hearts in their wake. Learn how to recognize and deal with others who have no conscience.


CPE: 4 hours
CLE: 1.67 hours
NLS: 1.67 hours

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8:30–9:20 A.M. General Session

Are You the Leader You Think You Are?

Sherré L. DeMao, CGS, BizGrowth, Inc.

Perception is reality. When it comes to leading a team, you need to align perception and reality to be an effective and engaging leader. With national statistics citing that only 23% of employees are engaged and enjoy their work, as a leader, you have an opportunity to excel where so many others are failing. Based on her work with emerging leaders, DeMao will provide insights into how to create a highly engaged team culture.

9:20–9:30 A.M. Break

It's time to stretch and get a coffee refill.


9:30–11:10 A.M. General Session

Advanced Negotiations: Beyond Getting to Yes

Don Minges, MBA, The Knowledge Institute

Any time someone says, "I want," "I need," or "Will you," you are in a negotiation. For decades, the negotiation techniques described in "Getting to Yes" by Fisher and Ury of the Harvard Negotiations Project were the world's standard negotiation methods. These techniques involved collaborative methods for discovering how to make the "pie" bigger and then split it.

More recent research on human psychology has revealed new methods that will allow you to do even better. Sometimes, you can't settle for getting half of what you want. Sometimes you have to have it all. This session explores negotiating's human side to give you powerful people skills that will enable you to get more.

11:10–11:20 A.M. Break

It's time to stretch.


11:20 A.M.–12:10 P.M. General Session

Most Important Skills for the Next Decade

John L. Daly, CPA, CMA, CPIM, MBA, Executive Education, Inc.

Sherré L. DeMao, CGS, BizGrowth, Inc.

Don Minges, MBA, The Knowledge Institute

In this closing session, three of the event’s speakers will discuss the skills they believe will be most important for CFOs in the next decade.

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