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Date: November 20, 2019

7:30-8:20 A.M. Optional Morning Session

Rediscovering the R&D Tax Credit

Michael Maroney, KBKG

One of the common misconceptions surrounding the R&D tax credit is that it is intended exclusively for high-tech companies or scientists in white lab coats. In reality, the qualifying criteria is much broader than you would think. Whether your clients are making a product, providing a service or improving an internal process, they may be currently performing research qualifying for federal and state tax credits. If not, you will learn why more taxpayers than ever are turning to the R&D credit as a way to generate cash flow, invest in their businesses, launch new products, or pay down debt. This session includes:

  • Recent Legislative and Regulatory Changes
  • Definition of Qualified Research
  • Qualifying Activities by Industry
  • Qualifying Research Expenditures Defined
  • Credit Calculation Methods & Examples
  • Substantiating & Sustaining R&D Credits Under Audit

8:30-9:40 A.M. General Session

The Future is Now: The Modernization of Indiana’s Department of Revenue

Adam Krupp – Commissioner, Lena Snethen – Deputy General Counsel, Chris Russell – Policy Director, and Laura Rakaska – Executive Director Audit & Compliance Support, Indiana Department of Revenue

In this session, Commissioner Krupp will address what is currently happening at the DOR and highlights on the ProjectNEXTDOR and INTIME rollout. The Commissioner’s staff will be giving a brief overview of the appeals process, an update on key new or revised tax guidance, a 2019 legislative synopsis, be talking about the new/revised guidance, Wayfair and shared economy. To end the session, DOR staff will discuss Tax Audits and give an overview of the process, what the DOR is looking for, how to deal with client issues and who to call with questions.

9:40-9:50 A.M. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

9:50-11:00 A.M. Breakout Sessions
  1. Partnerships & S Corporations: Key Elections & Reporting Rules

    Robert Jamison, CPA. PhD, Tax Scopes, LLC

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and ensuing regulations bring stringent new reporting rules. Some of the critical issues for pass-through entities include:

    • Qualified business income
    • Business interest limit
    • How the partner or shareholder can cope with incorrect reporting

  2. Understanding the R&D Credit & How Your Clients Will Benefit

    TJ Sponsel, McGuire Sponsel

    Both federal and state research and development tax credits reward companies based on their investment in developing new products and processes. However, there are some misnomers involving these credits such as many companies do not think they qualify and others that think everything they do qualifies. To the contrary, these credits are not limited to companies that solely provide product development — they are equally applicable to companies that develop new processes including improved efficiencies. In this session we will discuss the what qualifies, how the credit intersects with certain industries, and how to maximize the benefits for your clients. This session includes:

    • What is the R&D Tax Credit?
    • Qualifying criteria for a R&D Credit
    • Specific case studies
    • Why is this important to your clients?
11-11:10 A.M. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

11:10 A.M.-12:10 P.M. General Session

Qualified Business Income: Final Regulations Offer Some Relief & Several Traps

Robert Jamison, CPA, Ph.D, Tax Scopes, LLC

This presentation will cover some important new developments in QBI, including:

  • Aggregation of activities: Who can make the elections? What can be in, what must be out
  • Real estate rules: some guidance and gray areas that remain
  • Rigid and merciless reporting
  • Ambiguous rules on self-employed health insurance deduction

12:10-12:50 P.M. Networking Lunch with DOR Representatives
It's time to have lunch with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

12:50-2 P.M. Breakout Sessions
  1. Maximizing State & Municipal Incentives in Indiana

    Steve Brunson, McGuire Sponsel

    In this session, you will learn the nuts and bolts of state and local economic incentives in Indiana including key programs and mechanisms, the site selection process, a strategic tax and gap analysis approach, opportunities and pitfalls. Participants will leave with a greater understanding the purpose and use of incentives by government entities and how their company can effectively utilize these incentives to reduce tax liabilities and stay in compliance.

    This session will include.

    • Key state and local incentives: a strategic approach to maximizing value
    • The importance of early exploration of expansion projects for economic development incentives — “how to lose an economic development incentive deal”
    • What is new with Indiana incentives in 2020 and beyond

  3. Highway to the Danger Zone: Are You a “Maverick” with Cybersecurity?

    Adam Gwaltney, Ritman & Associates, Inc.

    Although you may not be a hot-shot US Navy Top Gun pilot, are you a “Maverick” when it comes to your businesses cybersecurity? Cyber risks, data security, social engineering fraud and cyber liability insurance in the professional services business are complicated issues, rampant with myths and misinformation, and the insurance side can be confusing as H@$%! Professional service providers will now and forever be inner-twined with technology and face the risk of being hit with a “cyber event.” We will discuss the broad spectrum of real world cyber events hitting professional service providers. Our discussion will take us from understanding what social engineering fraud really is, the evolution of ransom attacks, the top 10 technology malpractice traps, and what a data breach for small professional services businesses looks like monetarily.I will dispel exaggerated myths and provide you with practical solutions.

2-2:10 P.M. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

2:10-3:20 P.M. Breakout Sessions
  1. A Deeper Dive into the Grantor Trust Rules-Income Tax Planning with Trusts

    Brian A. Eagle, J.D., Eagle & Fein

    New cost recovery rules:
    • Grantor vs Non-Grantor Trusts
    • Partial Grantor vs Non-Grantor Trusts
    • Spousal Life Access Trusts-Income Tax Rules
    • Basis Issues with Existing Family/Credit Shelter Trusts


  2. Can Everybody Win? Collaborative Divorce & the Role of the Financial Professional

    Holly J. Wanzer and Elisabeth Edwards, Wanzer Edwards PC

    Families struggling with the transitions that accompany divorce face more than legal issues. Divorce and other family conflicts create an intersection of legal, financial and communication issues. In a typical divorce, financial professionals serve only as expert witnesses for one spouse versus the other. The collaborative divorce process challenges the concept that one spouse must lose and the other win. This innovation process has exploded internationally as more and more families choose to forego traditional litigation in favor of a team of legal, financial and communication professionals who help transition a family in a more creative and financially responsible way. This program will explore the concept and practice of Collaborative divorce and the variety of roles financial professionals are playing.

3:20-3:30 P.M. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

3:30-4:30 P.M. Closing General Session

Indiana Tax Update

Matthew J. Ehinger, and Mark J. Richards, Ice Miller, LLP

An overview of recent key developments impacting Indiana tax law, including:

  • Indiana Tax Legislation Update: What passed, what failed and what to expect in 2020
  • Indiana Tax Cases: Indiana Tax Court and Indiana Supreme Court
  • Administrative Developments
  • Overview of Nexus Developments
4:30 P.M. Adjourn

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