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Industry Spring Forum

Updated Agenda (Virtual Conference)

Date: May 21, 2020

9–10 A.M. General Session

Politics & Indiana Business

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, and Lewis & Wilkins LLP

Political expert Abdul will provide an update on the state of Indiana politics, plus how what's happening on the national level will impact what’s going on at the state and local level.


10–10:15 A.M. Break

It's time to get up, stretch and get a coffee refill.


10:15–11:30 A.M. General Session

Increasing CFO/Controller Value

Jim Lindell, CPA, CGMA, CSP, MBA, Thorsten Consulting Group, Inc.

How do controllers/CFOs increase their value to their organizations? It requires them to move from traditional practices and expand to business and industry strategy, in addition to understanding trends that impact the organization. This presentation will show what is expected of controllers/CFOs today.


11:30 A.M.–12:30 P.M. Lunch

It's time for lunch at home.

12:30–1:30 P.M. General Session

Panel: The Changing Role of the CPA

Taylor Aschliman, CPA, Pretzels, Inc., Brad Cornelius, CPA, MBA, Sun King Brewing and Melanie King, CPA, The Hagerman Group, moderated by Matt Howard, CPA, Polycor West

Are you ready to take your role as controller to the next level while adding significant value to the organization? A successful controller/CFO will go beyond spreadsheet, financial statements, internal controls and general accounting to create new value for the organization. Learn from your colleagues about new additional roles that that they are using to expand their role as a CPA, as well as how they've been working through COVID-19 related developments.


1:30–1:45 P.M. Break

It's time to get up and stretch.

1:45–3 P.M. General Session

Little Decisions, Big Results: How Little Decisions Have Big Impacts

Jim Lindell, CPA, CGMA, CSP, MBA, Thorsten Consulting Group, Inc.

This session examines the decisions that drive our daily lives and businesses. Do you truly understand what brought your business, your department, or yourself to its current position? Identify the decisions that have directed you and determine how the decisions today will create big results in your business, your department or yourself.

3 P.M. Adjourn

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