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Becoming a Technology Leader

It’s hard to determine what technology is a fad vs. what’s here to stay. Regardless of whether you’re using tools like blockchain or AI, you need to understand them and the opportunities they present. This customized CPE package will give you a better understanding on how to implement new technology.

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Level I

Designed for CPAs who are interested in becoming tech savvy but need help knowing where to start. Get an overview of basic trends affecting the profession and learn how the technologies can benefit your organization.

CPE Package Details
2020 Technology Trends Update
10/28/20  |  8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. ET  |  CPE: 8
Understand the emerging technologies that will impact your firm, finance, auditing and business in general.

Excel Charting & Visualization
10/30/20  8:30 a.m.–Noon ET  |  CPE: 4
Learn how to create advanced charts that are interactive, dynamic and aesthetically pleasing, as well as how to ensure your readers and audience understand the data you are presenting.

Remote Access to Small Business
10/30/20  1 p.m.–4:30 p.m. ET  |  CPE: 4
Review your options of remote access to desktops, data, voice services, instant messaging and Cloud-based services.

Blockchain Technology: What Every CPA Should Know—2020 Update
11/6/20  9 –11 a.m. ET  |  CPE: 2
Learn what blockchain is and the terms associated with it, its components, current and potential applications, impact on commerce, and how it could the CPA profession in accounting and auditing.

Ethics & Artificial Intelligence in Business & Finance Webinar
12/3/20  | 1–3 p.m. ET  |  CPE: 2
Understand the challenges of intelligent automation applications and how it will redefine the crucial role of governance and ethics in the AI revolution.

Excel: Create KPI Dashboards for Maximum Impact Webinar
12/8/20  | 1–3 p.m. ET  |  CPE: 2
Learn how to build robust dashboards for analyzing key metrics in Excel. Review dashboard design guidelines, understanding your audience and identifying necessary metrics. Practice importing data, setting up calculated fields and columns, creating KPIs, and adding charts and eye-catching visuals with Power View.

CPA Excellence: Communication for Organizations
Determine how to tailor your communications, ask the right questions, have practical strategies for conducting one-on-one meetings, and ways to work with team members who have poor communication skills.



Discounted Package Price: $605
CPE: 24 hours

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Level II

Designed for CPAs who want to make efficiencies at their organization but need helping knowing which tech is the best fit. Learn which technologies are best for your organization and how to get your team on board.

CPE Package Details

Earn your digital "Technology Leadership" badge by completing the following coursework:

In the Know: Robotics Process Automation — There's a BOT for That?
10/21/20  |  Noon–1 p.m. ET  CPE: 1
Learn what RPA is, and how it can employer you to free up your team for higher-level thinking and tasks.

Emerging Technologies, Including Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
10/29/20  |  8:30 a.m.–Noon ET  CPE: 4
Prepare for the future by learning about innovative technologies nearing mainstream adoption. Understand the basics of blockchain, cryptocurrency, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and discuss potential use cases for each.

Testing & Auditing Excel Workbooks
10/29/20  |  1–4:30 p.m. ET  CPE: 4
Learn how to apply best practices on workbooks you and your team create and edit. Familiarize yourself with add-ins that can programmatically scan and audit your spreadsheets to identify potentially disastrous errors (such as PerfectXL, Cluster Seven and Active Data).

Current Tech Crimes: Ripped from the Headlines
11/24/20  |  9–10 a.m. ET  |  CPE: 1
Find out about critical IT-related controls using a case study approach with stories new for 2020. Learn how to prevent computer crimes such as identity and information theft, tax refund fraud, and more.

IT Governance, Risk and Controls Webinar
12/3/20  |  11 a.m.–3 p.m. ET  CPE: 4
Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to implement an effective IT governance infrastructure that identifies and addresses IT-related risks in support of organizational objectives. Understand the key components of an effective model, including the roles and responsibilities of those involved.

Blockchain Essentials: Impact on Modern Accounting
12/17/20   8:30 a.m.–Noon ET  CPE: 4
Find out the history behind this technology and its major components, how it challenges the accounting status quo, and ways to handle issues surrounding auditing and assurance in the blockchain era.

Roadmap to Artificial Intelligence Webinar
12/17/20  |  1–5 p.m. ET  CPE: 4
Learn the practical applications of AI, the difference between its applications and capabilities, the importance of the data that goes in and comes out, how to map out a strategy, and ways you can use it to address a business problem.

CPA Excellence: Leading for Action
Compare the views of leaders and followers, explore how feedback and self-reflection can improve your performance, and learn more about your own leadership qualities.

Discounted Package Price: $605
CPE: 24 hours

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