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Micro-Credential CPE Package FAQs

How do I register for a Micro-Credential CPE Package?
  • Online
    • Call Member Services at 1-800-272-2054


    How soon do I have to register for a course in a Micro-Credential CPE Package?

    You can register until the day before an event; however, we encourage you to register early to ensure your seat is reserved.


    How do I earn a micro-credential and badge?

    Once you complete the curriculum of courses in the chosen Micro-Credential CPE Package, you will earn a digital badge in leadership in your area of expertise (Becoming a Firm Leader, Becoming a Business & Industry Leader or Becoming a Technology Leader).

    What if I can’t make one of the courses listed in the Micro-Credential CPE Package?

    With the exception of Becoming a Firm Leader — Level I, courses will be added to different packages as the year progresses. If you have a conflict, please call Member Services as soon as you know to learn of other qualifying courses to ensure your earn your micro-credential and badge.


    Do these courses count as live CPE or self-study?

    All courses in the Micro-Credential CPE Packages count for LIVE CPE.


    What if I need more than 24 hours?

    No problem! You can purchase a Micro-Credential CPE Package and then add any other courses you need. Need help? Contact a Learning Concierge at 800-272-2054 or complete this form and a Learning Concierge will be in touch!


    Is the Micro-Credential CPE Package transferable?

    No. A Micro-Credential CPE Package and earning of a badge can only be used by the purchasing individual and cannot be transferred to another individual for use. If a company or organization pays for a member’s Micro-Credential CPE Package who subsequently leaves the company, the remaining hours purchased may be transferred to one member of the company or organization with no penalty.


    Terms & Conditions


    • Micro-Credential CPE Packages are an exclusive benefit for INCPAS members only.
    • Micro-Credential CPE Package purchasers must complete all qualifying events in order to receive the micro-credential and badge.
    • The Micro-Credential CPE Package discount is owned by the purchaser. If a company or organization pays for an individual on behalf of a staff member who subsequently leaves the company, the remaining hours may be transferred to one member of the company or organization without penalty.
    • All sales are final; the entire fee is nonrefundable.
    • May not be combined with other discounts.
    • All CPE attendees must attend the course in order to receive CPE credit.



    Cancellations, Refunds & Switches


    • If you wish to cancel a course registration processed using the Micro-Credential CPE Package, notice of your cancellation must be provided either by phone to the Member Services Department at 1-800-272-2054 or by an email to prior to the event date.
    • You will be cancelled out of that course and may choose another qualifying course (excludes Becoming a Firm Leader — Level I).
    • If Member Services is not notified prior to the course date, you forfeit hours associated with that INCPAS live seminar and conference as well as the micro-credential and badge of completion.
    • Micro-Credential CPE Package purchasers may transfer his or her registration to another qualified micro-credential course in order to earn the associated micro-credential and badge without a penalty.
    • No cancellations or switches will be made after the course date.
    • Any cancellations, refunds or switches to non-qualifying events will result in the forfeit of the micro-credential and the badge.