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CPA Week Fall 2021: November 8-12
We are hosting CPA Week November 8–12 to help Indiana high school students better understand the career opportunities in the CPA profession.

Through videos, publications, case studies and games, the following resources will help students better understand the career opportunities in the CPA profession. Teachers are encouraged to incorporate these resources into lesson plans to help students see what the CPA profession really is.

Schools are invited to register for the fall CPA Week now!




CPA Videos

A variety of CPAs have recorded videos about their career paths, lessons learned in the CPA profession, advice for future CPAs and misconceptions about the CPA license. Additionally, there are several Day in the Life videos that follow various Indiana CPAs through a typical day in their life.


Day in the Life

Start Here. Go Places. Virtual Field Trips
The AICPA’s Start Here. Go Places hosts virtual field trips throughout the year. Teachers and students can sign up for these free virtual field trips and can participate live or on demand. For upcoming opportunities, visit Start Here. Go Places.

High School Publication

This easy to print (or download) high school focused publication focuses on broad opportunities in the CPA profession. Students will learn what CPAs are, what they do and the skills needed to be successful in the CPA profession. Additionally, students will see perks of the job, salary information and resources to learn more. Download here.

Interactive Accounting Case Studies

These complete lesson plans for interactive case studies will allow students to act as accountants and solve real life business problems. These cases are more focused on identifying problems/solutions than practicing technical accounting. Each case can be done in a group or individually with the suggestion of 20 minutes for case review and 10 minutes for presenting findings. For each case, a teacher version and student version is provided.

Forensic Accounting Case Study

This lesson plan will introduce students to the world of forensic accounting as they are asked to assist in a potential criminal investigation. Students will identify red flags and follow the financial clues to determine if fraud was committed.

Teacher Version / Student Version

CPAs in Sports Case Study

This lesson will have students act as the director of finance for a Major League Baseball team. In teams, students will look for additional ways to increase revenue.

Teacher Version / Student Version

Staff Auditor for Public Accounting Firm

This lesson places students as auditors for a public accounting firm. They will recognize red flags at their client and offer suggestions for improved internal controls.

Teacher Version / Student Version

Accounting Monopoly

Students can put their accounting skills to the test by playing accounting monopoly. This game adds an accounting element to the traditional board game and has students log their transactions and create a balance sheet.

Teachers can download the instructions here. A transaction log and balance sheet is included in the PDF.

INCPAS has a small supply of Monopoly games available to borrow. To request these games email

Additional Resources