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Parent's Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the time commitment for Scholars?

Scholars will attend monthly events from September 2018 to August 2019. While each event varies in time, they'll average to be about 3 hours per month. In addition to the monthly events, Scholars will communicate with their mentor monthly (in person or by phone).


How are the INCPAS Scholars selected?

All interested and eligible students completed the 2018 INCPAS Scholar application. The INCPAS Diversity Advisory Council then reviewed all applications. Personal statements and letters of recommendation were considered before evaluating GPAs.


How are the mentors selected?

Mentors are selected by the leadership within their firm/company and are seen as rising stars in their office and are very passionate about the CPA profession.


When are the 2018-19 Scholars events?

Please see the Scholars calendar for specific dates and times. This will not include mentoring session dates, as these will be determined by the Scholar, the parent and the mentor.


Will there be any out of pocket costs to my family?

No, the entire INCPAS Scholars program is funded by sponsors. However, you are responsible for arranging transportation to the INCPAS Scholars event drop-off/pickup locations.


I'm involved in after school activities or work after school (ex: sports, band, etc.), can I still participate?

Yes, provided the Scholar attends the required number of events. There will be two evening events in the fall semester, however the dates have already been set and the Scholar and the parent are encouraged to make the necessary arrangements to attend. All sports practices should be concluded by the start of these events.


What happens if I miss a scheduled INCPAS Scholars event?

Scholars are required to attend all INCPAS Scholars events and are allowed up to two excused absences. However, it's very important they make every effort to attend. More than two absences will result in removal from the program.


Will I miss any school?

Yes, usually once per semester. We will work with the school to facilitate any excused absences and will provide a letter from the Society with additional details for school administrators.


Where will the INCPAS Scholars events be held?

INCPAS Scholars events are held in a variety of locations. Check the INCPAS Scholars calendar for specific event locations.


Are parents invited to any of the events?

Yes, a parent/guardian was invited to attend the Welcome Dinner and parents/ guardians are invited to attend the closing reception in August. Additionally, parents are highly encouraged to attend College Night in November. There will be a special information session for parents on what they need to know before you leave for college!


Do I need to have a car?

If you are not able to drive, you will need to plan accordingly with parents, friends or other Scholars and arrange for transportation to/from the drop-off/pick-up site. If you have transportation issues, contact On "field trip" days, who will provide transportation for the INCPAS Scholars?