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CPA Means Business

Your CPA designation is a tangible reminder of the knowledge, expertise and wisdom you bring to the table. Companies, clients and colleagues see CPA and know you mean business – literally. You are well-versed in making a business case for initiatives you believe in. Do the same for yourself. Educate your employer on why their support of your CPA license is critical for you as a professional and them as an organization. You worked hard for these three letters after your name – don’t let them go away!

It’s imperative for industry leaders to see the value in the CPA credential and in being an INCPAS member. Companies are seeing the value in funding credentials for employees. A 2019 Robert Half survey of more than 1,100 CFOs at US companies with 20 or more employees found that 94 percent of respondents said their companies pay for some or all of the costs to obtain professional certifications. Ninety-five percent provided full or partial support to maintain those credentials. That’s an increase from 2016 when 76 percent of the more than 2,200 respondents said their companies supported maintaining credentials. Both are significant increases from 2012 date where only 26 perfect reported their businesses fully or partially covered costs to maintain professional certifications. In 2006, according to a similar survey, it was 46 percent.