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Indiana CPA Society Health Insurance Program

What the Program offers

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Income Disability Protection Policy

Health Insurance and Dental Insurance
Summary of Benefits


Open enrollment

Open enrollment is approximately November 1 to December 31. Only organizations that are already enrolled in the program can add or change participants. Amy Heady can assist you with any questions you may have regarding open enrollment. Amy can be reached at or  (317) 573-3028.

Making coverage changes during open enrollment

To make coverage changes to an existing policy an Anthem Change Form must be completed. Amy Heady can assist you with any questions you may have regarding this form or changes in coverage.  

Search the network providers

A network search of In-Network providers can be found at using the “Find the Doctor” tool.


How to apply for pricing

Due to the INCPAS Program’s “grandmother-ed” plan status, Anthem has closed our Program to new applicants. If you would like, Shepherd can assist you obtain individual coverage options outside of the Program. If interested please contact Amy Heady at or by phone at (317) 819-7007.

Income Disability Protection Policy

Starting in January of 2014, Indiana CPA Society Members will have access to reduced pricing on individual disability income insurance through the Principal Financial Group.

Benefits of this policy through the CPA Society are as listed below:

1. 30% price discount
2. Simplified underwriting and a non-cancellable policy
3. Rates guaranteed not to change until age 65**
4. Ability to Customize features
5. Own Occupation disability definition
6. Residual income disability rider that allows payment for partial disability

Who to Contact

To inquire for more information about pricing, please go to

 While on the site, please provide your demographic information for a proposal to be created. For proposals and questions over the phone please contact Chris Bussey at (317) 803-3330 ext. 220.

Outline comparison to the AICPA Disability Coverage Policy