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Chair's Perspective: Barry Hall, CPA, CGMA

May 10, 2022
INCPAS Chair Barry Hall, CPA, CGMA, reflects on the past year in his leadership role.

What did you enjoy most about your year as INCPAS Chair?

Barry Hall, CPA, CGMA

It’s true that time does fly when you are having fun! I have thoroughly enjoyed my year as INCPAS board chair for a number of reasons. First, it has been very rewarding to work with such talented fellow board members and an INCPAS staff that is engaged and sincerely cares about the profession and Indiana CPAs. Our new CEO, Courtney Kincaid, took over the leadership of INCPAS just as my term was beginning. Although the transition happened quickly, it is a testament to Courtney and the staff in how they have continued to move INCPAS forward. The staff works incredibly well together and hasn’t missed a beat. Courtney has done a terrific job thus far as CEO and I know she will continue to grow in this role.

As noted above, working with such a tremendous group of fellow board members has been a great experience. Each year, the new board members bring renewed enthusiasm and great ideas. You should know the INCPAS board works very diligently with the staff to set strategic objectives each year that are relevant and vitally important to Indiana CPAs. As always, the primary objective for INCPAS is to advocate for CPAs in Indiana. I am confident the next board chair, Diane Sturek, will be a strong leader and the Indiana CPA profession will continue to be well-served.

What are you excited about leaving as the groundwork you’ve laid for future leadership?

As my time as chair and as a board member comes to an end, I know INCPAS is in great hands. The board and staff have worked very hard in recent years to address critical issues relative to the profession such as the decreasing pipeline of accounting graduates, the continued threats to licensure and the emergence of technologies. We spent a lot of time considering one size doesn’t fit all—what Big Four firms, mid-size firms, small firms, sole proprietors and CPAs in corporate finance need from INCPAS can look very different. I know the board and staff will continue to be diligent in making sure INCPAS is an organization for all CPAs in Indiana.

Why are you a member of INCPAS?

Originally, I became a member simply because my firm paid for it. At the time, I really didn’t understand what INCPAS was all about. As a side note: I would like to encourage firms to pay for their younger employees’ memberships, and then support them in becoming involved with INCPAS. This will help ensure INCPAS continues to have the resources to serve the profession and will have up-and-coming leaders to help navigate the future. I continue to stay involved with INCPAS because I see the organization as a great advocate for the profession, and I know the staff continues to look for ways to serve that are timely and critical to all Indiana CPAs. I want to give back to the profession that has provided me so many opportunities.

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 Barry Hall, CPA, CGMA,
About the Author

Barry is a managing partner at Kruggel Lawton CPAs in South Bend, where he has worked since 1998. He has been an INCPAS member since 1992. He serves on the Advocacy Council, which works to assess the political, legislative and regulatory environment to identify issues affecting Indiana CPAs, and worked with the CPA Center of Excellence® subsidiary on revitalizing his firm’s strategy, core values, vision and mission statements, and succession planning.