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Save First. Shop Later. 

Buy a FlexPass package now and schedule your courses later. The benefits of FlexPass are available to members only:

  • Discounted courses
  • More flexibility in scheduling—register for classes as you go
  • No cancellation fees
  • No switch fees
  • Can be used on all INCPAS live seminars, conferences, webinars, simulcasts, breakfast and lunch and learns, and CPA Excellence online interactive courses
  • Can be purchased online or by phone
  • Courses can be redeemed online, in app or over the phone

FlexPass Packages

16-hour package
$605 / savings of at least $100*

24-hour package
$899 / savings of at least $160*

40-hour package
$1,490 / savings of at least $280*

*Based on 8-hour course prices


FlexPass is not available for purchase at this time. Please check back in February 2021.