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From Scheduling to Preparing

As of January 1, 2019, the administration of Peer Review for Indiana firms is now handled by the Peer Review Alliance at the Illinois CPA Society.


Peer Review Alliance Contacts

If you have questions about Peer Review scheduling, preparing or PRIMA, find contacts below:


Peer Review Alliance Contact Information

Technical Questions

Paul Pierson, CPA – Senior Director
(312) 517-7610  |
Heather Lindquist, CPA – Senior Technical Manager
(312) 517-7624  |

Stephen Young, CPA – Technical Manager
(312) 517-7635  |

Billing, Scheduling & General Questions

Melinda Hart – Senior Scheduling Manager (IL, IN & KY firms)
(312) 517-7609  |

Toni Elder – Billing Specialist (Administrative fee billings)
(312) 517-7629  |

General Contact Information

Phone: 800-993-0407, option 4
Fax: 312-993-0307
Peer Review Alliance Website
Peer Review Directory 

The Peer Review Integrated Management Application (PRIMA) is the primary tool used by firms, reviewers, and the entities administering peer review to complete the peer review process. PRIMA is accessible to all AICPA and customers whose records are linked to a public accounting firm in our records. Connect now


Scheduling Your Review

OK. I need a Peer Review, how do I schedule it? We have you covered. Follow this step-by-step guide.


Fee Structure

The Peer Review Alliance with the Illinois CPA Society covers the scheduling and processing of reviews and committee expenses. All firms enrolled in the Peer Review program are invoiced an annual fee by the Peer Review Alliance. See details.


Choosing a Peer Reviewer

A Firm-On-Firm Review is one in which you hire another qualified CPA firm to conduct the review. This review gives you personal assurance that the reviewer’s qualifications fit your firm’s needs. It also gives you more control over cost.



Preparing for Your Review

Broken down by firm size, this AICPA guide is great place to start when preparing for your review.