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Become a CPA

The CPA designation separates you from others in accounting/business related positions by demonstrating you’re an expert in the field who has completed additional training and work experience. We have several resources to help you navigate the process of taking the CPA Exam and getting licensed in Indiana.

Education Requirements: Sitting for the CPA Exam and Getting Licensed in Indiana
You’ve likely already done a lot academically, but what “counts” for the purposes of education requirements to sit for the CPA Exam? Download Tip Sheet #1

How to Apply for the CPA Exam
We put together a list of everything you need to have on hand before you start the online application as a first-time Exam candidate in Indiana, and then walk you through the application process. Download Tip Sheet #2

NASBA launched its new CPA Portal application system on August 29. See instructions and FAQs to learn about about the changes and new features.

Scheduling Your CPA Exam
You’ve applied to sit for the CPA Exam and been approved (yay!), so now it’s time to actually schedule the section(s) you’ll take. We walk you through the steps to take to schedule an Exam section. Download Tip Sheet #3

CPA Exam Scoring & Notification Timeline
graphic of 2024 Test Administration Schedule and Score Release TimelineYou’ll obviously want to know if you passed or failed (but hopefully passed!) and will have to wait to find out because the lag time between taking a section and receiving your score currently takes about 1 month. Plus, after the new CPA Exam launches in January 2024, it will run closer to 3 months (for the first year). We put together helpful info for if you did or didn’t pass a section. Download Tip Sheet #4

CPA Exam & Licensing Cheat Sheet: Organizations to Know
Here is a quick list of the organizations involved in the Exam/licensure process and how they can help you. Download Tip Sheet #7

Bonus Tip Sheet: 2024 Test Administration Schedule and Score Release Timeline
It’s important to know the changes to the CPA Exam will impact your testing strategy in 2024. The analysis of completed Exams will take longer than usual and affect timing of when you take the next section or re-take a section you didn’t pass. Download Bonus Tip Sheet

If you have passed all 4 sections of the CPA Exam (congrats!) and have completed your 2-year work requirement, the process to apply for your license is finally quite simple. We have helpful information about Your CPA License here.