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With nearly 6,000 current and aspiring CPAS and related professionals, the Indiana CPA Society offers the connections, resources and timely information you need throughout every step of your career.

Top Member Benefits

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Whether you are a student, candidate, first-time member or former member who'd like to rejoin — we have a membership for you. Review the criteria outlined below to identify your member type and fee. High school and college student memberships are FREE.

First-Time Member: $200

Select this type if you have never been an INCPAS member and meet the criteria of one of the member types listed below.

CPA: $475

Select this type if you hold a CPA license.

Note: Those not holding a certificate issued by the Indiana State Board of Public Accountancy will be deemed to be in compliance with INCPAS membership requirements if they meet the requirements for the certificate or its equivalent from another state or jurisdiction's board of accountancy.

Candidate: $250

Select this type if you are working toward becoming a CPA.

Affiliate: $375

Select this type if you work in the accounting profession but do not hold a CPA license and do not plan to pursue one.

Note: This membership has the same rights and privileges as CPA members, except you cannot vote or hold office within INCPAS.

Retired: $210

Select this type if you are retired.

Note: This membership has the same rights and privileges as CPA members.

Students (FREE)

This membership is for if you are a high school or college student.

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