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DOR: New Year, New Functionality through INTIME

Feb 11, 2021
DOR: New Year, New Functionality through INTIME
With the start of a new year and successful launch of the Indiana Department of Revenue’s (DOR) second rollout of our Project NextDOR tax processing modernization initiative, more customers than ever before are using DOR’s new e-services portal, the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine—better known as INTIME.

Are you taking advantage of everything the new platform has to offer? Here are a few new features available though INTIME that tax practitioners should know about:

Establish an Electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA)

INTIME streamlines the establishment of a POA relationship by allowing tax practitioners to submit an ePOA. To request ePOA access on INTIME, click the “All Actions” tab, then select the “Request POA Access” link. Your client can approve the request by logging into their own INTIME account, giving you access.

Once approved, you’ll be able to immediately file and pay for your client. INTIME’s ePOA access also provides a new feature, giving you the ability to be notified when your client receives new letters and notices from DOR, and easily view that correspondence. This way, you can see the same things your client sees on their INTIME account.

Submit a Refund for Tax Paid on Purchases

With the recent Rollout 2 launch of Project NextDOR comes a new way for business, sales and withholding customers to electronically submit a GA-110L to request a refund for a tax paid on purchases or an overpayment of a DOR tax account. The electronic submission process using INTIME makes the process quick and allows for faster processing of claims.

For example, let’s say you were charged sales tax on a purchase that should have been tax exempt. Previously, the only option was to file for a refund using paper Form GA-110L. Now, you can do so via INTIME by simply clicking on the “Refund for tax on purchases” option on the homepage and selecting the “Submit refund request” link. Customers with occasional requests can even do this without needing to log in.

Request for Refund on an Overpayment of a DOR Tax Account

Similarly, if you overpaid your DOR tax account (Sales, Withholding, Food and Beverage, County Innkeeper’s, Tire Fee, Motor Vehicle Rental Excise or Heavy Equipment Rental Excise), you can request a refund on paper using Form GA-110L or through INTIME.

You can also electronically submit refund request documentation supporting your claim. Tax practitioners will need to include POA-1 documentation. All these items can be uploaded easily, as INTIME accepts files up to 50MB. Since DOR is no longer accepting documentation on CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives, this gives businesses a secure and electronic option.

Check Out the INTIME User Guide

For more information about what you can do in INTIME, see DOR’s INTIME User Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions and images for many functionalities such as adding new locations and tax types, managing responsible officers, bulk filing information and much more.

What’s Next?

As new business customers begin using INTIME, DOR is already underway to launching Rollout 3 in September 2021, which will include individual and fiduciary tax types. We’ll have more information to share with you as we enter fall 2021, so stay tuned!

If you have questions about INTIME, contact DOR’s Customer Service team at (317) 232-2240, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. ET and select the INTIME option.

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Nancy Tyree graduated from Indiana University in 2012 with a degree in English and Telecommunications. She worked in education and economic development before joining the Department of Revenue in 2019. She currently manages DOR's Business Outreach program and works with professional organizations, businesses, civic groups and more to provide taxpayer education to Hoosiers.