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Thank You to Our Indiana CPA-PAC Contributors

Nov 12, 2020

Thank you

Contributions from July 1–September 30, 2020

As the only PAC in Indiana representing your interests as a CPA and professional, the Indiana CPA-PAC backs elected officials who support issues that affect your livelihood and day-to-day business interests. Your support of the PAC helps uphold the integrity and effectiveness of the profession.

To make a contribution or get involved in advocacy efforts, go to

Special thanks to the following members for their contributions to the Indiana CPA-PAC.

Jacob Buehler, CPA


Jacob T. Buehler, CPA

Sackrider & Company, Inc.


Steven A. Eichenberger, CPA, CGMA

MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP

James E. Ruxer, CPA, CVA

Verne P. Seehausen, CPA

Kyle A. Simmerman, CPA


Michael D. Bedel, CPA

Nancy P. Briscoe, CPA

Jerome M. Case, CPA

Timothy J. Comerford, CPA

Thomas L. Comisso, CPA

O. Earl Elliott, CPA

William S. Faulkner, CPA

Nicholas C. Hopkins, CPA, CFP

Howard Clay Jackson, CPA

Jennifer A. Knecht, CPA

Jeremy C. Kopeck, CPA, CGMA

Robert  W. Lazard, CPA, CGMA

Gregory A. McCarty, CPA

Timothy C. Musholt, CPA

William J. Powlen, CPA

Lisa M. Purichia

Mary H. Riggle  CPA, CGMA

Nathaniel W. Salati, CPA, CFE, CGMA

Thomas J. Sponsel, CPA, ABV, CFF

Renee C. Stewart, CPA

Roger L. Stichter, CPA

Jason S. Thompson, CPA, ABV, ASA, CFE, CFF

Eric M. Woodruff, CPA


Mark A. Aiton, CPA

Jeff R. Boomershine, CPA

Susan C. Bradford, CPA

Valerie K. Brennan, CPA, PFS

James A. Briscoe, CPA

Jo A. Burke, CPA, CFP, CHFC

David A. Burnett, CPA, CFP, PFS

Mandi M. Clossey, CPA

Douglas Coe, CPA

Howard M. Cox, CPA, CIA, CMA

Kathleen R. DeLong, CPA, CGMA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Andrew L. DePew, CPA

Stephen J. Diagostino, CPA, ABV

Daniel D. Dickerson, CPA

Stephen F. Dobias, CPA

Patrick J. Early, CPA

Douglas C. Fahrnow, CPA, CGMA

Jay A. Feller, CPA

Michael A. Fritton, CPA

Mark A. Gerber, CPA

Kenneth J. Hedlund, CPA

Jay R. Horn, CPA

Matthew F. Howard, CPA

Susan M. Keaton, CPA

Benjamin C. Kimmerling, CPA, CGMA

Brian J. Kinnaman, CPA

Jeremy Klonowski, CGMA

Brandon T. Landers, CPA, CGMA

Tyler D. Lehman, CPA, CGMA

Michael J. McCaslin, CPA

John R. McClary, CPA

Jeffrey M. McGowan, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Edward M. McGuire, CPA

Todd D. Miller, CPA

Angiela J. Miller, CPA, CFP, PFS

Charles J. Naber, CPA

Timothy J. Nierman, CPA

J. Kevin O'Connell, CPA, JD

Rebecca F. Quintana, CPA, CGMA

Steven J. Riddle, CPA, ABV, CFF, CFP, CVA

Daniel  J. Riley, CPA

Christopher P. Rodgers, CPA

Kathleen D. Rokita, CPA

Paige E. Sansone, CPA

Jane M. Saxon, CPA

Michael A. Stover, CPA, ABV, CFF

Diane L Sturek, CPA-inactive, MAcc

Thomas J. Thieme, CPA, ABV, CMA

Timothy A. Thomas, CPA

James B. Wagoner, CPA

Stephen M. Wessel, CPA

Eugene M. Zoellner, CPA, CGMA


Shawn Antell, CPA, CGMA

Brian Rex Cox, CPA

Brian R. Daeger, CPA

Stephanie L. Furnish, CPA

Susan K. Hall, CPA

Jared D. Holman, CPA

Jeffrey A. Jackson, CPA, CFP, PFS

James E. Johnson, CPA

Terry L. Johnson, CPA, CGMA

Tamara J. Kiefer, CPA

Jerry M. Metzger, CPA

Clark M. Millman, CPA, CGMA, CISA

Cynthia Lynn Ransom, CPA, CGMA, CIA

Joseph H. Rodenberg, CPA, CGMA

Sherrill Rude, CAE

Edwin L. Stage, CPA

Jeffrey H. Underwood, CPA, CGMA

Lori L. Wakeman, CPA, CGMA

Kevin R. Whitacre, CPA, PFS

Barbara A. Williams, CPA, CGFM, CGMA

Jan S. Williams, CPA

Carla Dawn Willis, CPA

Gregory K. Willis, CPA

Robert A. Woods, CPA, CGMA

Mark S. Wright CPA

Up to $25

Seth Attinger, CPA

Debra Marie Berg, CPA

Tom J. Brinkerhoff;

Robert  T. Carpenter, CPA

Kevin P. Cassidy, CPA

Jeremy R. Cole, CPA, CGMA

Mark C. Fuqua, CPA, CGMA

Mark E. Klopfenstein, CPA

Dana L. Krull, CPA

Stanley J. Memmer, CPA

Amy L. Myers, CPA

Allison Paul, CAE

Allison C. Rau

Cynthia A. Riebersal, CPA, CGMA

Susan R. Robertson, CPA

Philip A. Schnautz, CPA

Sarah Townsend

Joel E. Troxel, CPA

Ruth M. Weaver-Hazen, CPA, CGMA

Jeffrey R. Zartman, CPA

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