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CPA Center of Excellence®
The CPA Center of Excellence® is an award-winning suite of programs, services and tools designed to enable CPAs to become more agile, adaptive and dynamic in a rapidly changing business environment.

Mission: To increase professional competency with innovative and collaborative solutions. 

Technical Skills Aren't Enough

A lot of your education revolves around keeping those technical skills sharp. But, how much time have you given to developing your core competencies—those vital skills critical to doing business in today’s world?

Communication and leadership skills are important to your success as a CPA. The CPA Center of Excellence® provides resources to help you succeed as a CPA beyond your technical knowledge. We do this by offering unique online courses, providing a hub for you to share knowledge with your peers at the CPA Center of Excellence® online community, and by giving you a way to assess your core competences with the Insight Toolkit. Learn more about these resources below.


Online Community

INCPAS Online Community
The CPA Center of Excellence® online community is one of our most popular benefits. With extended tax deadlines, new stimulus packages and provisions, and more, members have a lot they need to know about and discuss in real-time. They use this private platform to connect with over 7,100 accounting professionals across Indiana to network, share current news and get timely answers.

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Self-Study in Communication and Leadership

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You're already expected to know and do a lot, yet it never feels quite enough for what's required in today's constantly evolving work environment. We wanted to make it easier for you to upskill in key non-technical areas. With the help of learning experts and your fellow members, we created online self-study courses to help you get ahead. These courses are FREE to INPCAS members.

Note: When you enroll in a course, you'll be taken to our customized Curatr site for online learning. For quick access later, bookmark Curatr.

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Ethics Courses

These courses, which fulfill your Indiana Ethics requirement, include a variety of engaging content, a collaborative discussion tool and mobile-friendly platform so you can take them wherever you want. You have 90 days to complete courses from the time of your registration, so you also get the convenience of taking them whenever you want. With this competency-based approach to learning, experience deeper engagement in an on-demand format.

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Note: When you enroll in a course, you'll be taken to our customized Curatr site for online learning. For quick access later, bookmark Curatr.



Insight Toolkit

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How do you measure up? Learn your strengths so you can focus on what skills needs most improvement. The Insight Toolkit is an online assessment tool of the most-wanted essential business skills for CPAs, such as communication, leadership and critical thinking. Insight can be used by individuals, firms, organizations or students for personnel evaluations, personal career development, client engagement reviews and project evaluations. This tool focuses on assessing, quantifying and tracking skills over time.

Take a free self-assessment:
  • Rate yourself on key skills and see how you measure up with where you want or need to be.
  • To do a full 360° assessment, $30 for an annual membership gives you the ability to send Insight to your clients, colleagues and supervisors to receive anonymous feedback on how you're doing as frequently as you'd like (such as by project, client, quarterly or annually).
  • To register for a free self-assessment or full 360° assessment for $30 per year, call member services at 1-800-272-2054 or email Stacey Wilson to learn more about group options.
  • "I found that the process of being able to evaluate my peers while simultaneously being rated by them on the same criteria was a huge stepping stone for me. It helped me match perception versus reality and realize where I stand."

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