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July 25, 2024

8:30 a.m.–4:50 p.m. ET

502 East Event Centre, Carmel

8 hours
(Includes up to 2.5 hours of A&A and/or 1 hour of Ethics)

Yellow Book:
1 hour

6.8 hours (Includes 1.2 hours of Ethics)



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Not-for-Profit Must-Knows for the Year Ahead

We know talent retention, technology tools and technical knowledge are all critical issues for not-for-profits right now. Join your colleagues at this conference crafted with timely content you can bring back to help your clients and organizations successfully navigate these emerging challenges and opportunities.

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7:30–8:20 a.m. Optional Networking Breakfast with Espresso Cart (located in Foyer)

Start your conference experience on the right foot by attending our optional networking breakfast with espresso cart, sponsored by Leaf Software Solutions. This exclusive event will be located in the foyer and is designed to facilitate meaningful connections and enhance your conference experience.

8:30–9:30 a.m. General Session

Not-for-Profit Expert Panel Update

Chris DuKate, CapinCrouse LLP

Pete Ugo, CPA, Crowe LLP

Of the 15 members on the AICPA's Not-for-Profit Expert Panel, Indiana is home to a few! We are lucky enough to have two members of the panel, Pete Ugo (current Chair) and Chris DuKate join us to present top items discussed by the panel this year. This session will cover CECL, Q&A from AICPA members that come to the NFP Panel, NFP Audit Guide, and common errors in financial reporting.

9:30–9:40 a.m. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

9:40–10:50 a.m. Breakout Sessions

  1. Chat GPT & Copilot: What You Should Know

    John Higgins, Higgins Advisory, LLC

    Don't look now, but ChatGPT is taking the business world, including the accounting profession, by storm. Every CPA, whether in public accounting or working in corporate, should have a fundamental understanding of ChatGPT and generative AI applications more broadly. This short course will provide you with a foundation of knowledge about ChatGPT technology that will prepare you to have conversations with clients, customers, colleagues and service providers. More importantly, you will learn how to leverage ChatGPT to increase your personal productivity. If you feel your ChatGPT knowledge is lacking, that will not be the case after you attend this course, taught by John Higgins, one of the leading technology strategists and thought leaders for the accounting profession.

  2. Managing your Tech Stack: Where to Start?

    Ann Hirschfeld, Leaf Software Solutions

    Jim Selvio, Leaf Software Solutions

    In today's ever-evolving technology landscape, navigating where to begin and prioritizing what changes to make can feel like a daunting task. Whether you're evaluating your current tech infrastructure or planning for future needs, the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming. Join us for an insightful presentation where we'll guide you through the crucial first steps and strategies for effectively managing your technology transformation journey.

  3. GAAP Update & Key Reminders (A&A)

    Daniel Waninger, FORVIS

    This session will provide an overview of recent GAAP that applies to nonprofit organizations. It will provide a brief overview of projects the FASB is working on that could impact nonprofits. It also will discuss some common mistakes made in nonprofit accounting and what the correct accounting is.

10:50–11:10 a.m. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

11:10 a.m.–12:20 p.m. Breakout Sessions

  1. Creating Competitive Grant Proposals

    Sidney McManus, Hedges

    Melanie Priest, Hedges

    This session focuses on what an organization needs to do to become grant ready and the components necessary to create a winning grant proposal.

  2. Performance Anxiety: Managing the Tough Ones

    Judy Hissong, Nesso Strategies

    Managing people requires tough decisions, and communicating through difficult situations. Let’s discuss strategies and tactics to deal with the performance challenges swiftly and effectively.

  3. Donating Cryptocurrency & Avoiding Traps for the Unwary

    Allison McLeod, CPA, JD, LLM, University of North Texas

    As the digital asset market continues to mature, more taxpayers may be contemplating blessing their favorite charitable organizations with gifts of cryptocurrency. Beneficiaries unfamiliar with digital assets may find it challenging to properly report any of these types of donations. Likewise, taxpayers will need to ensure that they properly value and substantiate any contributions or potentially risk their charitable deductions being denied. This course will provide a brief overview of digital assets. This will be followed by a discussion of the rules regarding the documentation required when claiming a charitable contribution of digital assets. This course will also cover recent IRS publications and cases discussing taxpayers whose deductions of digital assets charitable gifts was scrutinized.

12:20–1 p.m. Lunch

It's time to have lunch with colleagues and visit sponsor tables. Lunch is provided.

1–2 p.m. General Session

Economic Update

Suzie Kovatch, CFA, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Non-for-profit entities are directly impacted by the state of the economy. This session will review key aspects of the global economy and corresponding investment implications. Topics covered will include: GDP/Economic Growth, Inflation, Geopolitics, Consumer Spending, and Labor Dynamics, using J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Guide to the Markets.

2:00–2:20 p.m. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

2:20–3:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions

  1. Ethics of AI: A CPA's Guide (Ethics)

    John Higgins, Higgins Advisory, LLC

    The practical application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the accounting profession is spreading like wildfire with the release of powerful applications such as ChatGPT. A byproduct of this evolution is the origination of new ethical dilemmas for CPAs on how to address the use of this technology in the delivery of their services. This course, presented by John Higgins, CPA, a nationally recognized technology advisor to the profession, will provide CPAs with a practical framework for addressing the various ethical issues that can arise with the application of AI in their work.

  2. Solve the Talent Shortage: Unlock Time, Money & Sustainability

    Karl Ahlrichs, ExpertSpeaks

    Welcome to a transformative session that distills the essence of "Back to Basics - Solving the Talent Shortage" by Karl J. Ahlrichs. In this power-packed session designed for organizatonal leaders and managers, Karl unveils a counter-intuitive “People roadmap” that acknowledges the shifting talent shortage and equips attendees with strategic insights to thrive in the evolving landscape. The talent shortage can end for those bold enough to embrace this new blueprint. Challenge the status quo, propel your organization toward a future-ready workforce, and be a leader at the forefront of change. The winner of this challenge will gain time through work/life balance, earn money through productivity and growth, and achieve sustainability with an agile workforce. The answer is here. Are you ready to lead it?

  3. Yellow Book & Single Audit Update (A&A and Yellow Book)

    Justin Hayes, CPA, CGMA, Katz Sapper & Miller, LLP

    Amanda Horvath, CPA, CGMA, Katz Sapper & Miller, LLP

    This presentation will cover key updates in auditing standards relevant to engagements subject to Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) and the Uniform Guidance. It includes discussions on the revisions to the Yellow Book, which focus primarily on quality management standards. Additionally, amendments to AU-C Section 935 will be explained, which relate to SAS 142 and SAS 145. Revisions to the Uniform Guidance will be addressed, highlighting changes such as the Single Audit threshold and classification criteria for Type A programs. The presentation will also cover significant modifications to the 2024 Compliance Supplement and the continuing impact of COVID-19 and IIJA funding on Single Audits.

3:30–3:40 p.m. Networking Break

It's time to network with colleagues and visit sponsor tables.

3:40–4:50 p.m. General Session

Disconnect to Reconnect: Communication in a Technology World

Judy Hissong, Nesso Strategies

With technology operating as our primary interface, let’s discuss how relationships are built, or broken, with our internal and external clients. Part of our interaction will be the exploration of boundaries around technology, and how the values of your organization impact communication styles. We will explore the communication avenues of social media, email, and text messaging — walking the fine line between friend and foe for each.

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