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A Family Affair: INCPAS Scholars Become Role Models for Siblings – Dienabou & Fatoumata

Feb 4, 2019
In addition to the Alvarez family (see full feature story), eight other families have participated in the Scholars program. We asked a few of those families about their experiences with the program.

Dienabou & Fatoumata


The Scholars program is one of the most impactful programs I have gone through that truly helped me find my interest and what I wanted to study in college. As my younger sister Fatoumata saw me go through the program and become certain of what I wanted to do with my life she became interested in the CPA profession as well. I recommended she participate and even helped her with the application process the next year.

The best part of watching Fatoumata go through the program is seeing her find her mature side and work towards her future. I really enjoy when she comes home from her the Scholars events every month and shares her experiences. Then I get to relate mine in comparison.


I consider Dienabou to be not only my best friend, but also one of the most influential people in my life. She’s guided me all of my life, especially in high school. She helped me decide what classes to take and recommended accounting-related ones. When I applied to be an INCPAS Scholar she shared several tips and told me about some of her favorite events. It made me excited to go through the program.

If it weren’t for my Dienabou, I wouldn’t have known about the CPA profession or anything about business. I didn’t even know what a CPA was until my sister told me. After seeing her go through the program and have a career path open for her, I was curious if it could open for me as well.

Mamadou, Dienabou & Fatoumata's Mother 

Dienabou and Fatoumata get along most of the time and often help each other with school-related tasks. Dienabou has helped Fatoumata with her class schedule. She has also helped her sister keep track of her assignments for the Scholars program and even drives her sister to the events. With them, it’s not a one-way street. In turn, Fatoumata helped Dienabou research good colleges for accounting majors and she also helped her keep up with application deadlines. I’ve really enjoyed watching them bond over a career; seeing them help each other out warms my heart. 


INCPAS Scholars is an award-winning, free program that encourages students to consider becoming a CPA. The only program of its kind, INCPAS Scholars introduces students to the profession by pairing them with practicing CPAs, touring CPA firms and businesses that employ CPAs, and participating in events to immerse them in the profession. Support the Scholars.

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