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Chair's Perspective: Erland Porter, CPA

Sep 10, 2020
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Erland Porter, CPA

INCPAS Chair Erland Porter, CPA, shares his insights into emerging technology in the CPA profession.

How have your thoughts on technology changed since COVID-19?

The current restrictions in place due to the pandemic have highlighted how much we typically underutilize available technological resources. I have been able to connect with clients who were previously difficult to meet with when business was primarily conducted in person. By no means can we dismiss the importance of in-person interaction, but many of us can see the wasted time and space businesses have carried for years. My hope is that we become more open to using technology not only to accomplish greater financial returns but to also free our time to enjoy the fruit of our labors with those closest to us. 

What is the biggest barrier to implementing new technology?

Mindsets are the major roadblock to embracing and implementing new technology.  Whether standing fully against the technology or merely being apathetic, the inability to move quickly in an ever-accelerating environment will lead to a sudden demise. It is also critical to develop robust methods for determining the potential benefits and costs of new technologies and properly filtering through them to limit resource depletion. It is important to determine as organizations and as individuals what technologies we must be on board with and which ones we are willing to take our chances with on the tracks.

What value can INCPAS bring to members in the area of technology?

Members rely on INCPAS to provide pertinent information and education to support their professional work. The Society provides tremendous value by distilling complex technology topics into manageable portions to support practitioners at every level. INCPAS leverages its relationships with the AICPA, other state societies as well as state and local government to make sure Indiana CPAs have the informational capital to keep up with the rapid technological advancements. Those who stay engaged with the Society’s communications have access to timely information and guidance on resources to dive deeper into topics as needed.

Erland Porter, CPA
About the Author
Porter is a financial associate at Thrivent Financial. Prior, he was the senior manager of financial systems at Stanley Black & Decker in Fishers. He served on the INCPAS Leadership Cabinet and chaired the INCPAS Diversity Advisory Council from its inception in 2009 until 2014. He received the INCPAS Emerging Leaders Award in 2010 and Chair’s Award in 2012.