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Connecting with Your Legislators in Indiana

Feb 1, 2020
A lot of CPAs are interested in the political process but aren’t sure how to get involved in a way that’s effective and works with their schedules. So, we created the CPA Advocates program—a low-pressure way for you to learn what’s happening at the Statehouse and to connect with elected officials in your community.

I’ve learned so much about the issues my legislators support or oppose by signing up for their newsletters, following them on social media and receiving information from the House Democrats, House Republicans, Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans. It’s important to remember you don’t have to share a legislator’s view to share your business acumen.

I will walk you through a few of these resources.


To find out who your legislators are, visit the Find My Legislator page on the Indiana General Assembly’s website.

Finding Your Legislators


Once you’ve searched for your legislators, you will not only see your state legislators, but also your congressional legislators. Each of their names include a hyperlink that will take you to their Indiana General Assembly web page. For demonstration purposes, we’ll use one of my legislators, Sen. Greg Taylor.

Following Your Legislators

Their Indiana General Assembly web pages are a great resource to see what bills your legislators have authored/sponsored. Additionally, you can see what committees they serve on and email them directly through this page.

Legislator Information


By visiting your legislator’s Caucus page, you will have access to their social media accounts, biography, email address, phone number and issues they are passionate about.

Legislator Caucus Pages


I encourage you to follow your legislators on the various social media platforms. Often, they will link to news articles that discuss their bills, ask their constituents for feedback through surveys and polls, and post upcoming events (listening tours, etc.).

Legislator Social Media


You can easily sign up to receive your legislator’s e-newsletters through their Caucus page.

Legislator Newsletters


Once you are on their mailing list, you will receive email updates throughout the year. During the legislative session, they typically focus on bills and issues they are working on. Outside of session, their newsletters can alert you to surveys, listening tours, scholarship/ internship opportunities, etc.

Legislator E-Newsletter Example

Remember: Your elected officials want to keep you informed and also want to hear from you—both as their constituent and as a CPA. They need to know CPAs are a trusted resource on how bills will impact local businesses and the profession. If you want more tips on connecting with legislators and invitations to the Society’s advocacy/education programs, you can become a CPA Advocate.

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