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Executive Committee Q&A: Why It's Important to Advocate

Feb 1, 2020
Why is it important for individual members to engage in advocacy?

Jennifer Knecht, CPA
Jennifer A. Knecht, CPA
Crowe LLP

“Elected officials want to hear from their constituents on matters important to them, and Society members are uniquely positioned to serve as a trusted business resource. Members’ business acumen combined with knowledge of their local community is powerful. Serving as that trusted resource is also a tremendous way to give back to the community, as legislators work on issues that impact all Hoosiers.”

Erland Porter, CPAErland Porter, CPA
INCPAS Chair-Elect
Thrivent Financial

“The Society’s advocacy efforts are critical to protecting and promoting our profession. The valuable staff time, volunteer hours and financial contributions from members give us a magnified voice in the halls of power and throughout the community. Every member of INCPAS directly benefits from these initiatives and we all have the opportunity to help support advocacy on some level.”

Gregory Chester, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair
Gregory Chester, CPA

"Engaging in advocacy must be a ‘team sport.’ Having a coordinated voice in advocating for our profession is critical to our success. Protecting the profession’s future through advocacy is one of the most critical responsibilities we have as CPAs. Education, awareness and advocacy must move in tandem to prevent regulatory actions that otherwise threaten the viability and value of our trusted role in society."

Barry K. Hall, CPA, CGMA
INCPAS Past Chair
Kruggel Lawton CPAs

Barry Hall, CPA, CGMA"Why wouldn’t members want to be engaged in protecting the profession they have built their career upon? There are continued challenges to our licensure from groups that want government de-regulation of licensed occupations and professions. The business environment is rapidly changing with increasing compliance standards and rules, more and more routine tasks are becoming automated, and other professions are entering the attestation space. It is vital for more members to become actively involved in advocating to protect our profession and to expand the role of the CPA and the services we can provide in a business environment that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and interpretation of data. Yes, compliance work is becoming more of a commodity, but CPAs have long been considered the most trusted business advisor. As a profession, let’s capitalize on that and work to not only protect, but expand the role of CPAs in the future."

Angie Zirkelbach, CPA
INCPAS Vice ChairAngie Zirkelbach, CPA
Blue & Co., LLC

"As the most trusted business advisors, CPAs are routinely looked to by legislators for advice on matters impacting the local business environment. With the wide range of specialties and expertise of Indiana CPAs, we all must play a role in helping solve our communities’ challenges."

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