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Executive Committee Q&A: Collaborative Relationships

May 9, 2024

Why do you think it’s important for INCPAS to have constructive and collaborative relationships with the Board of Accountancy and the Indiana General Assembly?


Photo of Carrie Minnich“INCPAS plays a critical role in representing the best interest of CPAs in Indiana, advocating for policies and legislation that benefit our members and the profession as a whole. It’s important for us to have relationships with key stakeholders such as the Board of Accountancy and Indiana Legislature so they are aware of what is happening within the profession and understand how their decisions directly impact INCPAS members and those to whom we provide services. To remain effective as key advocates for the profession, the INCPAS team and members need to continue actively working with these influential stakeholders.”

Carrie B. Minnich, CPA, MAcct
INCPAS Chair-Elect
DWD CPAs & Advisors



Photo of Kyle Simmerman“Achieving great things cannot be done alone—it requires a team of individuals collaborating with common goals and focus. To achieve our most mission-critical items, we need allies outside our organization to support our objectives. Our advocacy team is constantly building on our ongoing and collaborative relationships—they are not just fleeting causal relationships. This is why INCPAS is so well-positioned to ask for assistance or offer guidance when the need arises. Our relationships with the Indiana Board of Accountancy and elected officials are built on decades of intentional engagement. Much of what we have achieved is due to the support of our allies. We must continue to foster this collaboration to solve the mission-critical tasks of today and address unidentified items of the future.”

Kyle A. Simmerman, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair
BGBC Partners, LLP



Photo of Melanie King“While it’s a governing body of Indiana CPAs, the Board of Accountancy has somewhat limited exposure to CPAs after licensure. It’s important for INCPAS to keep an open channel of communication with them so we can voice concerns on issues such as CPA evolution and pipeline. INCPAS can use its influence to help drive change that truly represents what Indiana CPAs need, but this only happens if our advocacy leaders have a constructive and collaborative relationship with the Board of Accountancy and legislature.”

Melanie King, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair
The Hagerman Group



Photo of Jacob Buehler“As we continue to focus on the pipeline-related issues in our profession, it is necessary that we have constructive relationships with the Board of Accountancy and elected officials. As a board, we have assessed barriers to entry to the accounting profession. Now that we have identified the barriers, the relationships we have with the Board of Accountancy and Indiana Legislature enable us to inform those who are able to change the rules and laws that govern our profession. I encourage you to get involved with the various INCPAS advocacy groups. If this is not an option, then making a contribution to the Indiana CPA-Political Action Committee (PAC) is a great way to support our efforts.”

Jacob Buehler, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair
Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC



Photo of Lisa Tressler“Given that ‘Talent Pipeline Related Advocacy’ is a strategic focus of the INCPAS Board, collaborative relationships with the Board of Accountancy and Indiana General Assembly are crucial. Working closely with them ensures our advocacy work is impactful and reflects the evolving needs of our profession. We have already had success in removing barriers to entry to our profession via modifications to the Exam window—extending it from an 18- to 36-month window. Aligning with the Uniform Accountancy Act and most other states in allowing a one-year experience requirement for initial licensure has also supported accessibility and inclusivity into the profession.”*

Lisa D. Tressler, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair
RBSK Partners PC

*Rules are being promulgated to make effective by the end of 2024.

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