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Executive Committee Q&A: What Do You Want to Keep Doing Post-COVID?

Jun 24, 2020
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What has changed during this time that you want to keep doing?

Gregory Chester, CPA

Gregory Chester, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair

"I have taken advantage of working from home to balance my life and spend more time with my family and on my health. Both of these have been a blessing. I find myself more relaxed, more patient and more attentive to my home life. When work returns to 'normal,' I am going to ensure I continue these practices. Long walks, games at the kitchen table, healthier eating, etc."


Jennifer Knecht, CPA
Jennifer A. Knecht, CPA
Crowe LLP

"The last few months have forced us to be creative and agile. I think we will look back and see this period as extremely transformational in fostering innovation. I want to keep that mindset and continue to look for novel approaches in all we do."


Erland Porter, CPAErland Porter, CPA
INCPAS Chair-Elect
Thrivent Financial

"Our current situation has forced us to embrace technology and creativity in new ways. This provides ample proof that much of our work can be done remotely and remain high quality. I plan to continue running meetings remotely whenever possible to allow my team to serve a broader sector of clients while offering increased flexibility to existing clients."


Barry Hall, CPA, CGMABarry K. Hall, CPA, CGMA
INCPAS Past Chair
Kruggel Lawton CPAs

"Professionally, it has been rewarding to see how quickly our staff adopted to working remotely every day. For the vast majority of our staff this was a major change. Technology that was 'scary' and that some people were resistant to is now second nature. So, I hope as a firm and as a profession we continue to embrace technology and continue to explore creative ways that allow people to remain part of our team even when coming to the office on a regular basis isn't practical.

From a personal standpoint, in many ways the time at home has been a blessing. There has been more time with family. Actually sitting down to a home cooked dinner, playing a game, solving a puzzle or just good conversation. Even though this time has been a little stressful and a little scary, there are many memories from this period of time that I will cherish for many years."


Angie Zirkelbach, CPA

Angie Zirkelbach, CPA INCPAS Vice Chair
Blue & Co., LLC

"Much like everyone else, I have participated in my share of video calls over the past few months. At first it seemed really awkward but at this point, as much as I hate to admit it, I almost prefer it over a phone call. Both parties seem more engaged in the conversation, and you also are able to pick up on the ever-important nonverbal cues you miss on a phone call. Going forward, I will be sending more Zoom invites and less conference lines when in-person meetings are not possible."

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