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Executive Committee Q&A: Going Beyond the Numbers

Jun 4, 2019
INCPAS Executive Committee members share their thoughts on how an Integrated Report can help you understand a company's big picture.

Jennifer Knecht, CPAJennifer A. Knecht, CPA
Crowe LLP

“An Integrated Report tells an organization’s story in a different way than historical financial statements. It goes well beyond the numbers to provide a much broader view of how the organization creates and sustains value over time. This comprehensive and forward-looking reporting model provides stakeholders with a much deeper understanding of how all of the organization’s financial and non-financial resources interrelate and impact performance. In an era when many companies drive significant value through non-financial resources, the Integrated Report helps to connect the dots and drive better decision making.”

Erland Porter, CPAErland Porter, CPA
INCPAS Chair-Elect
Thrivent Financial

“Standard financial reports continue to be the bedrock of information about a company’s performance and health. However, this data has long been supplemented by an ever-growing body of relevant information sought out by decision makers hoping for a deeper understanding of the position and direction of organizations. Integrated Reports provide a palatable infrastructure for insights into broad segments of an entity. They allow readers to move past the numbers to the root of the valuable resources leveraged by the company. Increased insights can facilitate an interest in organizational functions typically shrouded by basic financial statements. As the race for information continues to intensify, Integrated Reports are a logical addition to the suite of reports made available by organizations and required by stakeholders.” 

Angie Zirkelbach, CPAAngie Zirkelbach, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair
Blue & Co., LLC

"An Integrated Report helps to clarify the past and lay out the future of an organization. As stakeholders become more forward thinking Integrated Reports will be the primary source they will look to. While traditional historical audit reports tell part of the organization's story, the Integrated Report fills in the details with elements such as resource allocation, outlook and strategy, to name a few."

Tony Bultinck, CPATony Bultinck, CPA
INCPAS Vice Chair
The Watermark Group, LLC

"The role of the independent CPA has always been rooted in an approach that focuses on historical financial data, but in recent years CPAs have been asked to assist in providing more information not necessarily tied to the historical results or even financial in nature. An Integrated Report may be a useful tool that can supplement the company’s financial statement and provide meaningful information related to a company’s product offerings, workforce, competitive environment, strategic plan and financial forecast, that are not typically included in the financial statements and certainly not required under generally accepted accounting principles."

Tom Wadelton, CPA, CGMATom Wadelton, CPA, CGMA
INCPAS Past Chair
Summit CPA Group

"The company explains how they create value and elaborates on the strategy and business models. In the Integrated Report the non-financial data is important to give an understanding of the company." 


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