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INCPAS Scholars: Where Are They Now?

May 11, 2022

Austin Cavazos

Accountant – RenPSG
INCPAS Scholar Indianapolis 2011–12
Attended IUPUI

Austin CavazosWe have shared several stories about our INCPAS Scholars throughout the years. Since many of them have now graduated college, are beginning to pass the CPA Exam, enter the profession and earn their license, we thought it would be fun to follow up with them and see how they are doing.

Austin was in our very first class of Scholars. He currently works at RenPSG, a company that helps charitable organizations, financial institutions and individuals achieve their philanthropic goals.

INCPAS: Tell us about your experience graduating from college and entering the workforce. You began your career in corporate finance (instead of working at a public accounting firm). What led you down this path?

Austin: My experiences in college allowed me to graduate with a well-rounded understanding of various business functions. I wanted to make sure I started in a role I was passionate about with room for personal and professional growth. After a lot of self-reflection, I decided I wanted to start my career in accounting and was able to find a position at The Cellular Connection as an accounts payable coordinator. It was an amazing experience for me. I met so many great people and learned valuable skills I still use to this day.

I decided to take the corporate finance path because I knew my personality would be a better fit in that environment: I enjoyed being able to work on the same project with the same team members for an extended time. Also, I felt like I would be able to better pursue my long-term professional goals if I had experience in corporate finance.
I am very grateful I found a career opportunity where I can not only grow professionally, but also where the work I do daily has a positive impact in the world.
Notre Dame football game
Notre Dame football game with brothers Logan and Landon

INCPAS: What is the most important thing you learned in your first job out of college as an accounts payable coordinator?

Austin: The most important thing I learned from that role was how to solve problems creatively and efficiently. There are many times where solutions to problems are not simple, and you have to think outside the box to solve them. I learned how to effectively utilize all of my resources to not only solve problems, but also prevent them from happening in the future. Learning those skills has not only been helpful throughout my career, but also in personal situations.

INCPAS: How did the INCPAS Scholars program help you in determining your college plans and career goals?

Austin: The INCPAS Scholars program was so beneficial to me because I was able to see what the day-to-day life of an accountant was. It helped me understand what I could expect when I graduated from college. Another impactful part of the program was hearing from all the speakers and mentors. Learning about their passion for the CPA profession and how they became successful inspired me to approach my work in the same way.

The biggest impact the program had on me was when I was deciding where to attend college. One of our campus visits during the program was to the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. One of their professors spoke to us and I was completely blown away with what the Kelley School of Business had to offer. That visit helped me decide it was where I wanted to go.

INCPAS: You are currently working as an accountant at RenPSG. What is your favorite part of your job?

Austin: There are so many things to love about my job at RenPSG. My absolute favorite part of working there is why I decided to work for Ren in the first place: the impact we make through our charitable gift programs. I am very grateful I found a career opportunity where I can not only grow professionally, but also where the work I do daily has a positive impact in the world.

I also love how no two days are the same. In my job, each day presents a unique set of challenges which keeps things interesting and exciting. While it can be difficult at times, I have an amazing team around me that I thoroughly enjoy working with.

Austin and his parents celebrate graduation day from IUPUI in 2017

INCPAS: Do you have plans to go back to school and continue your education?

Austin: Yes! I am currently considering going back to school to pursue an MBA or a Master of Science in Accounting. I think pursuing a master’s degree will be beneficial for my career advancement and also help me achieve my long-term professional goals.

INCPAS: What are your long-term professional goals?

Austin: Long term, I would love to stay in the world of philanthropy. I am very passionate about it and find great fulfillment in it. A goal of mine would be to do something that can combine my passions of finance, philanthropy and entrepreneurship, such as running a foundation.

INCPAS Scholars is an award-winning, free program that encourages high school students to consider becoming a CPA. The only program of its kind, INCPAS Scholars introduces students to the profession by pairing them with practicing CPAs, touring CPA firms and businesses that employ CPAs, and participating in events to immerse them in the profession. You can support the program at

Want to get involved as an INCPAS Scholars mentor? 
Contact Ali Paul, CAE, INCPAS VP – Pipeline & Outreach, for more information.

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