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Welcome to Our New Members

Jun 8, 2021

Note: Our spring CPA IN Perspective magazine will be digital — keep an eye out for new articles in our upcoming communications.

New Members from November 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021

Lauren Sutorius, CPA, Katz Sapper & Miller LLPAffiliate –Paraprofessional

Catherine L. Bell, BGBC Partners, LLP

Affiliate – Non-CPA Accounting

Stacey Collaros, Bikos & Associates, CPA PC


Rachel M. Gibson, Bucheri McCarty & Metz LLP

Jacob T. Haste, The Watermark Group

Dinara Heidler, Alerding CPA Group

Karen L. Ostrowski, EA, Bikos & Associates, CPA PC


Andrew Eversole, CPA, Indiana Department of Revenue

Philip D. Muller, CPA, CFE, DFAS

Brandon Powell, CPA, MBA


Rebecca J. Albright, CPA, Cox, Beckman, Goss & Company

Zach Ark, CPA, Crowe LLP

Wesley Becu, CPA, Elanco

Zachary Best, CPA, Crowe LLP

Nicholas Cebulko, Indiana Farm Bureau

La'Zhane L. Chaffer, CPA, Crowe LLP

John Frantonius, CPA, BKD, LLP

Josh Gallion, Tricor Automotive Group

Samuel D. Hurley, CPA, The Annex Group

Gregory A. Johnson, United Way of Allen County, Inc.

Ethan J. Kirkman, CPA, Kruggel Lawton CPAs

Torrey Matthes, CPA, Crowe LLP

William B. McNabb

Alice Nesvold, CPA, Crowe LLP

Jason Nicodemus, CPA, Steel Dynamics, Inc.

Jason D. Owens, CPA, JP Kane & Co., LLC

Kelly Pawlanta, Somerset CPAs and Advisors

Michael D. Petry, CPA, CTP, Pride Investment Partners

Crystal A. Reinhard, CPA, Honegger, Ringger & Co.

Sharon M. Ritchie, CPA, Bikos & Associates, CPA PC

Shannon S. Routh, CPA, Kemper CPA Group, LLP

Evan K. Salathe, CPA, Crowe LLP

Kyleigh Savage, CPA, Crowe LLP

Mary F. Soller, CPA

Michael G. Strauss, CPA, Crowe LLP

Christopher W. Stuck, CPA

C Thawng Lian Thang, CPA, Pacific CPA, PC 


Justin L. Albertson, Marian University

Jessica Brewer, Indiana University

Lavinia Cantus, Indiana University East

Jean Carson, IUPUI

MecKenzie N. Conwell, Indiana University East

Khoa Dang, Purdue University

Andrew A. Daugherty, Marian University

Juan Carlos Delgado, IUPUI

Ella M. Dils, Indiana University East

Jacob Distler, IUPUI

Lauren E. Duncan, Kelley School of Business

Carole L. Eichert, Indiana Tech

Alexander C. Ervin, IUPUI

Gregory Fulling, Marian University

Bryan J. Haney, CPA, Indiana State University

Danielle R. Harpster, IUPUI

Evan Haugh, IUPUI

Jaylene R. Haugland, Purdue University Northwest

Hunter James, Indiana State University

Hannah Jansma, Purdue University

Amber M. Jones, Eastern Gateway Community College

Tairu Jozaitis, Purdue University Northwest

Ali Kanan, Indiana University South Bend

Samuel Klineman, Indiana University

Andrew Laetsch, IUPUI

Hannah Manlief, Indiana University Purdue University Columbus

Cody Miller, Kelley School of Business

David Miller, IUPUI

Emily Myers, Indiana University East

Bawi Par, IUPUI

Stacy Pearson, IUPUI

Russell Pitts, IUPUI

Lola E. Reed, Franklin College

Brian Richie, Indiana University

Allyssa Staton, Indiana University East

Wanyi Sun, IUPUI

Katherine M. Wieseman, Marian University

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