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Fiscal Responsibility: Government (includes State, Local and Public Schools)

We advocate that elected leaders and government officials responsibly balance resources that support, protect and advance the best interests of the citizens of Indiana.

INCPAS and its members work to ensure our state has adequate funding to invest in our future economic growth and public infrastructure. The Society supports fiscal policies that achieve the appropriate levels of capital investment, taxes and spending to meet its citizen’s needs. And supports best practices and the use of appropriate accounting and auditing standards which promote transparency and are a true reflection of financial health.

Fiscal Responsibility: Personal

The Society and its members regard personal fiscal responsibility as a vital skill for all Hoosiers.

Making sound financial decisions enables Indiana residents and their children to achieve their goals and enjoy a financially secure future. The Indiana CPA Society and its members encourage the development of these skills through the promotion of organizations and resources like the AICPA, Indiana Department of Education, Money Management and Junior Achievement as well as through promoting a better understanding of the services rendered by CPAs.

Citizens understanding and practicing fiscal responsibility make Indiana a stronger state while holding local and state officials accountable for fiscal responsibility in government.