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Put Those Letters Behind Your Name

Once you’ve passed the CPA Exam, the hard part is over and obtaining your license is the next step in the process.*


Experience Requirements

In order to become licensed as a CPA in Indiana, you need twenty-four (24) months of fulltime employment in the following positions:

  1. As an employee or an accounting intern engaged in an accounting position in a firm.
  2. As an employee in a financial or accounting position in industry, government, or a nonprofit organization.
  3. As an employee in an advisory and/or consulting services position related to one or more of the following activities:
    • Financial
    • Accounting
    • Operational
  4. As an instructor teaching accounting in a college or university (four year institutions or junior colleges). Experience in fractions of months will be counted.

Application to be a CPA in Indiana
  1. Submit the Accountancy Application and notarized CPA Verification of Experience form.
  2. CPA Exam Services will send the Board of Accountancy your Exam application, certified original college/university transcripts, transcript evaluation and CPA Exam grades.
  3. Once all necessary information and forms have been received, the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency will contact you by email with the status of your application.
  4. Once approved, you’ll pay the required license fee to activate your license.
  5. When payment is received, you’ll receive a welcome packet by email that includes your issuance date and your license number.
  6. If you would like a license card or certificate, you can download it through IPLA’s License Express webpage.

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