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Two Great Choices: Competency-Based Ethics



Over the span of 11 years, Wells Fargo employees created 3.5 million fake accounts to meet unreasonably high sales goals. Of these accounts, 190,000 of them had fees — so customers were on the hook for charges they never signed up for, leading to overdraft fees.


Since this revelation, it’s become apparent that was just the beginning of the unethical behavior that went undiscovered for years — and it's still unraveling.


During this course, you will examine what happened and how the organization’s culture contributed to such extreme behavior. You will consider what different employees, especially those in accounting, could or should have done to prevent the crimes. You will explore methods to prevent this type of activity. You will bring your personal experience to the table when stating what you would do in these situations and create a pathway to further develop your ethical muscles.


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The course has seven levels, each containing a mix of relevant Ethics content. You’ll explore stories, videos, scenarios and case studies, then use your own experiences to share your ethical positions. Further, you can review comments from your colleagues and learn even more from other users as you go.


This course is more engaging and flexible:

  • First-of-its kind, competency-based Ethics course for CPAs.
  • Mobile-friendly and on-demand online interactive course
  • Up to 90 days to complete the course so you can work it into your schedule
  • $99 / Ethics requirement completion for Indiana CPAs


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