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Technical Skills Aren't Enough

A lot of your education, understandably, revolves around keeping those technical skills sharp. But, how much time have you given to developing, encouraging, and addressing - in terms of resources, training and advisement - your core competencies:

CPA Core Competencies

Communication Skills

Communication skills related to oral, listening, presentation and writing skills that enable a person to convey information that increases the opportunity for information to be understood and for knowledge, skills and behaviors to be transferred; effectively persuade, influence and negotiate with others while utilizing active listening.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills incorporate a process that utilizes one's knowledge, skills and behaviors to identify, interpret, infer, assess and explain the potential impact of a problem, question or conflicting view/debate on a situation in order to develop and implement solutions that meet the needs of the individual, client (internal and/or external), organization and/or CPA profession.


Leadership is about setting an operational direction and strategy, and facilitating, influencing, inspiring, demonstrating by example and motivating others to embrace change and achieve excellence aligned with that direction. it is also about developing, supporting, coaching and connecting others to develop their capabilities and confidence for he benefit of the individual, organization and/or the CPA profession.


Anticipating and solving evolving needs requires the ability to read signals from the internal and external environments; to interpret, communicate and act upon these signals in such a way that the impact on service provision (present and future) increase the perceived and actual value of the individual to the client, their organization and/or the CPA profession.

Collaboration and Networking

Integration and collaboration reflects the ability to be effective at building strategic alliances and working collaboratively to provide multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems that benefit the individual, organization and CPA profession. Relationship building for influence amplifies the role of the CPA as a trusted expert to demonstrate that the individual influences their communities of practice/interest to the benefit of the individual, organization and CPA profession.

Critical Thinking

Synthesizing intelligence to insight is about being an expert in connecting data, information and knowledge, performing analyses and using business acumen, good judgment and experience to proved astute guidance for better business making.

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