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Where do you stand?


Enter the Insight Toolkit, an intuitive assessment tool, allowing you to benchmark your CPA core competencies.


The 360° assessment looks not only at your opinions of yourself, but adds others assessment too. This full, 360° view gives you a true portrait of your competency level.


The Insight Toolkit:

  • Start a learning and professional development journal to improve your competencies.
  • Receive learning recommendations for the specific competencies you need work on.
  • Utilize a mentoring aspect to further your growth.


Who is this for?

This is for individuals to rate themselves and be rated on their core competencies. From new staff members to senior staff or partners – anyone can track their assessments, accomplishments and improvements at any point in (and throughout) their career. Insight works great for firms, finance and accounting departments and larger organizations. Contact Jess Bowyer at (317) 726-5027 for group packages.


What is 360° Feedback?

Also known as “multi-rater feedback,” these anonymous rankings on set skills from supervisors, employees, colleagues, peers and clients can help you identify what soft skills you can work on to advance your career. This is the gold standard for HR assessments and helps you identify blind spots or skill weaknesses that could be limiting you as a professional or firm.



Purchase the 360° Feedback tool by contacting Jess Halverson Bowyer