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Insight Toolkit: Assess Your Skills

The Insight Toolkit is an online assessment tool of the most-wanted essential business skills for CPAs, such as communication, leadership and critical thinking. Insight can be used by individuals, firms, organizations or students for personnel evaluations, personal career development, client engagement reviews and project evaluations. This tool focuses on assessing, quantifying and tracking skills over time.

Take a free self-assessment:

  • Rate yourself on key skills and see how you measure up with where you want or need to be.
  • To do a full 360° assessment, $30 for an annual membership gives you the ability to send Insight to your clients, colleagues and supervisors to receive anonymous feedback on how you're doing as frequently as you'd like (such as by project, client, quarterly or annually).

Get 360° Feedback

Also known as “multi-rater feedback,” these anonymous rankings on set skills from supervisors, employees, colleagues, peers and clients can help you identify what soft skills you can work on to advance your career. This is the gold standard for HR assessments and helps you identify blind spots or skill weaknesses that could be limiting you as a professional or firm.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy to use
  • 360º Assessment of CPA Core Competencies
  • Questions are backed by profession-recognized CPA Core Competency model
  • Downloadable, detailed assessment reports participants can take with them or that can be put in their personnel files
  • Develop a learning plan and career goals
  • Track averages over time to see skills improving
  • Compare your scores to recommended scores for CPA professionals throughout the career timeline
  • Customizable Insight Toolkit for organizations; training available for an easy launch
Who It's For

Insight is ideal for personal development for individuals and personnel development for firms. Individuals, such as CPAs and accounting students, can use this to be proactive in assessing their own skills and asking others to do the same. Firms, hiring managers, CPE coordinators and educators can use it to identify areas on which they need to focus for enhanced and personalized training, employability and succession planning.

How To Get Started

To register for a free self-assessment or full 360° assessment for $30 per year, call member services at 800-272-2054 or email to learn more about group options.

"I found that the process of being able to evaluate my peers while simultaneously being rated by them on the same criteria was a huge stepping stone for me. It helped me match perception versus reality and realize where I stand.”