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Competency-based education. Core competencies. We know what you're thinking, "that all sounds great, but how can I implement this?" The good news is. We have an easy tool you can use to start working on improving you - or your team's - core competencies today.


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The CPA Excellence: A Quick Start Guide to Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success is a handbook that contains frameworkss , charts and graphics in a step-by-step approach for both individuals and human resource managers to progress through and master the core competencies.


Named a Top Read by Accounting Today and endorsed by CPAs and professional thought leaders alike, this book helps move you from knowing to implementing.


This quick read will help you:

  • identify positive and warning signs for each core competency
  • benchmark your - or your team member's skill level
  • align your business goals to each core competency
  • access a quick-start human resources pathway


Find an area where you could level up? Our online, interactive courses keep you in compliance, while improving your competencies. Plus, their design allows you to take them at your leisure. Come explore these collaborative courses.


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