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Note: The full Convention schedule is only available in-person. Virtual attendees will have a set agendathat includes the three general sessions and select sessions from across the five tracks.


= Simulcast session (for virtual live attendees)


Day 1


Leveraging the Right Framework for Your Cybersecurity Audit

Jared Hamilton, CCSFP, CCSK, CISSP, HITRUST, Crowe

Many audit frameworks exist for cybersecurity controls, but which one is the best to use in today’s ever-changing risk landscape? In this session, find out the key cybersecurity risk areas; how to scope a cybersecurity audit; and the pros and cons of top cybersecurity frameworks.


Revenue Recognition Recognition Refresher Course: Knowing the 5 Criteria

Theresa Leon, CPA, Somerset CPAs and Advisors

ASC 606 establishes the principles that an entity applies when reporting information about the nature, amount, timing and uncertainty of revenue and cash flows from a contract with a customer. In this session attendees will review the steps that align with ASC 606 principles:

  • Identify the Contract
  • Identify Separate Performance Obligations
  • Determine the Transaction Price
  • Allocate Transaction Price to Performance Obligations
  • Recognize Revenue When/As Performance Obligations Satisfied



SAS Update

Jim Schmutte, CPA, DBA

The objective of this session is to provide an overview of the suite of new auditing reporting standards issued by the Auditing Standards Board as SAS Nos. 134-141. The effective date for the standards is for financial statements for periods ending on or after Dec. 15, 2021. The course will also cover SAS Nos. 142 – 145 with later effective dates.



Day 2


Yellow Book & Uniform Guidance Update

Jim Schmutte, CPA, DBA

Review the 2018 Revision of Government Auditing Standards focusing on financial statement audits, as well as the 2021 Compliance Supplement and Single Audits.


After Many Delays, the New Leasing Standard Will Be Here in 2021: Are You Ready?

Theresa Leon, CPA, Somerset CPAs and Advisors

The New Leasing Standard, ASC 842, will alter how companies account for leases in their financial statements. The new standard brings most operating leases onto the balance sheet. Are you ready for implementation?



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