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Note: The full Convention schedule is only available in-person. Virtual attendees will have a set agendathat includes the three general sessions and select sessions from across the five tracks.


= Simulcast session (for virtual live attendees)


Day 1


Crypto 101: Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency

Alison McLeod, CPA, A PLLC, LL.M., University of North Texas

This session will cover key topics you need to know, including: blockchain basics; classification of cryptocurrency; IRS Notice 2014-12; tax implications of airdrops, mining, hard forks, margin trading, purchasing of goods or services with cryptocurrency; and gift tax rules for donating, gifting or bequeathing cryptocurrency.


simulcastRemote Work Security Risks

Aaron Toops,

In this session, you will learn best practices for remote working scenarios, from utilizing the cloud to connecting up via VPN. We will also learn best practices for keeping sensitive documents and client information secure while working in your home office.


Demystifying the Cloud

Aaron Toops,

In this session, you will learn how you can leverage the cloud to better protect your firm or organization. Spend some time learning about the cloud in real and clear terms. No nerd talk, ok maybe a little nerd talk. Topics covered: Introduction to the cloud—the basics, what the benefits are of being in the cloud, what the risks are while in the cloud and the security awareness while in the cloud.


Maximizing Technology to Increase Efficiency

Panelists: Jenny Norris, CPA, CGMA, CAE, Indiana CPA Society; Melanie King, CPA, The Hagerman Group; and Zach Richards, CPA, CFE, DWD CPAs & Advisors

Moderator: Ron Turpin CPA, CGMA, JD, Ambassador Enterprises, LLC

In this panel discussion you will hear from three local practitioners in business and industry and public accounting who will discuss how they have maximized technology to increase efficiency for their staff, organization, firm and client or customer. They will provide insight on some things learned before, during and after COVID-19. You will not want to miss this session!


Day 2


2021's Biggest Security & Privacy's Concerns

Steve Yoss Jr., CPA, MS, K2 Enterprises

This session will review recent major security breaches at Solarwinds, Ubiquity, Colonial Pipeline, Tecnimont SpA, Citrix, LabCorp and others. It will review how these breaches occurred, why they happened, and how organizations can prevent it from happening to them. 


simulcastEthics & Technology

Steve Yoss Jr., CPA, MS, K2 Enterprises

Practical technology issues like data privacy and security no doubt carry ethical considerations, but technology also affects the ethics associated with issues such as work‐life balance, the digital divide, training needs, copyrights and fraud. In this session, you will learn about “technoethics” and its implications for individuals and organizations.


Blockchain Technology: What Every CPA Should Know

John Higgins, CPA, CITP, CPA Crossings

CPAs need to understand this fast-growing technology in order to participate in conversations about it with colleagues, peers, clients and others. This session will bring you up to speed on this revolutionary technology, including the concepts, nomenclature, technology and potential applications.


Bitcoin Fundamentals: What Every CPA Should Know

John Higgins, CPA, CITP, CPA Crossings

Bitcoin has been firmly planted as the de facto leader in the cryptocurrency market. Its current total market valuation is over $900 billion, and—if it were a company—it would be among the top 10 companies in terms of market capitalization. As a CPA advising your clients on financial matters, it is imperative to have a fundamental understanding of Bitcoin and how it all works.


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