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Virtual Agenda

Dates: July 21–22, 2021

DAY 1: JULY 21
CPE: 4 hours (includes up to 2.5 hours of A&A and 1 hour of Ethics)
CLE: 3.3 hours
NLS: 2.2 hours

8:30–9:40 A.M. General Session

GAAP Update for NFPs (A&A) (CLE)

Richard Cole, CPA, BKD

This session will provide an update on recently issued accounting standards issued by the FASB. Of particular focus will be the new gifts-in-kind standard as well as some implementation reminders for leases and updates on other recent standards that could impact not-for-profit organizations. This session will also highlight some of the major projects the FASB is working on that could impact not-for-profit organizations.


9:40–9:55 A.M. Break

It's time to stretch and get a coffee refill.


9:55–10:55 A.M. Breakout Sessions
  1. COVID-19 Accounting Challenges & Practical Solutions (A&A) (CLE)

    Richard Cole, CPA, BKD

    This session will address the common accounting and financial issues arising from COVID, such as PPP loans, payroll credits and deferrals, lease concessions and modifications, donors changing restrictions on donations, going concern analysis, internal control considerations in a virtual environment and other accounting topics that could result from the pandemic.


  2. Excel Features from Shortcuts & PivotTables (NLS)

    Karl Egnatoff, CPA, CITP, Phoenix Beach, LLC

    Everyone know that Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet application in the world today. Many users, however, don’t realize how much work it can do or how much time it can save. In this session, we look at ways to make Excel more useful. We will review time saving tips and oft overlooked features. Then, as the session closes, we provide an introduction and brief overview of one of the most powerful Excel functionalities, PivotTables.


  3. The Ticking Time Bomb: Don’t Get Caught Without a Succession Plan (NLS)

    Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC, Lokhorst Consulting LLC

    Successful leadership transitions are critical to the sustainability and vitality of all organizations, regardless of size or industry. However, most lack a formal succession plan. That leaves many organizations sitting on a ticking time bomb that could derail their future, if not threaten their existence. Although succession planning involves many participants, few know where to begin. This session will jump-start the discussion by identifying common barriers to the planning process and addressing the human element that makes it so difficult. Learn the keys to effective succession planning and actionable steps to develop your next wave of leadership.


10:55–11:10 A.M. Break

It's time to stretch.


11:10 A.M.–12:20 P.M. Breakout Sessions
  1. Emerging from the COVID Tunnel – Ethics in the “New Normal” (Ethics) (NLS)

    Karl Ahlrichs, CSP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Gregory & Appel Insurance

    In the not-for-profit world, ethics are back on the “Front Burner.” Where are ethics going in the organizational world, who will our employees and members be in the future, and how will we maintain their standards of integrity?

    We need to update our understanding of the role ethics plays in our community and realize the impact Integrity will have on the sustainability of our organizations. We will review current ethical standards, discuss how to screen new hires for Integrity, and finally how to build these new viewpoints into our organizations. In this fast-paced session, Karl J. Ahlrichs, SPHR offers multiple viewpoints on ethics and leadership and shares the skills you will need to maintain sustainability.

    All of this will be mapped on top of a brief review of some fundamental economic data and the client service framework that CPAs and Accounting will be operating in.


  2. Using Dashboards to Visualize KPIs in Not-For-Profit Organizations (NLS)

    Cory Campbell, CPA, Ph.D., Indiana State University

    Agile and effective nonprofit organizations must be extremely competent at organizing and acting on data to make strategic decisions. Using a balanced scorecard approach that will include both financial and non-financial data, NFP organizations can organize output and outcome data into a visually-appealing dashboard to facilitate agile strategic nonprofit decision-making (i.e., mission-focused, financially responsible, meets the needs of those chosen to be served, & contributes to a healthy organizational culture).


  3. Navigating Nexus & Compliance for Not-for-Profits (CLE)

    William Murphy, CPA, ABV, CFF, CGMA, PFS, Mallor Grodner, LLP

    State nexus and compliance for public charities and private foundations has been a long-standing issue and as these not-for-profit organizations are able to expand their to expand their reach through technology and other means, state requirements for not-for-profits are also increasing. Many not-for-profits do not know that the states in which they conduct business have many new rules that may apply to them.

    Wayfair and the shift to “economic nexus” resulting from that ruling will have a profound impact on not-for-profits’ purchasing functions, bookkeeping requirements and available exemptions as well as their fundraising transactions, sales of goods and services.

    Because of the Wayfair decision, most states that impose a sales tax have updated their statutes to include economic nexus thresholds for out-of-state sellers.


DAY 2: JULY 22
CPE: 4 hours (includes up to 1 hour of A&A)
CLE: 2.2 hours
NLS: 3.3 hours

8:30–9:40 A.M. General Session

Fireside Chat: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with NABA’s National Leaders (CLE)

ZeNai Brooks, CPA, Cummins, LLC and Herschel Frierson, Crowe

An honest and practical conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion (DE & I). Including how has the accounting industry responded to increasing calls for DE & I, what is the perception of students and professionals of color and how can NFPs lean into creating an inclusive culture.

9:40–9:55 A.M. Break

It's time to stretch and get a coffee refill.


9:55–10:55 A.M. Breakout Sessions
  1. Remotely Leading or Leading Remotely? (NLS)

    Judy Hissong, CLM, Nesso Strategies

    We will discuss how leading in a remote or hybrid environment requires different approaches and different styles. You’ll leave the session with at least one takeaway you can immediately apply to your leadership toolbox.


  2. Post-Pandemic Internal Control As It Relates to Fraud (A&A) (CLE)

    Karl Egnatoff, CPA, CITP, Phoenix Beach, LLC

    It is not new information that both internal and external fraud was rampant during the pandemic and that it continues today. This means that control measures, specifically those designed to thwart fraud must be overhauled as well. In this session we will look at how fraud has changed as the upheaval of 2020 affected our world. We will then talk about controls that can be updated or added anew to help offset the surge in unscrupulous activity.


  3. Why CPAs Need to Embrace Data Analytics (NLS)

    Bryan Smith, CPA, CISA, CITP, CPA Crossings

    Gain a better understanding of the value of analyzing data and why CPAs need to spend more time analyzing it, including what can be accomplished and how Microsoft Power BI tools can help.


10:55–11:10 A.M. Break

It's time to stretch.


11:10 A.M.–12:20 P.M. General Session

Well Being & Well Doing (NLS)

Judy Hissong, CLM, Nesso Strategies

Anxiety and fear are even higher now than a year ago. Overloaded workdays and boundaryless lives contribute to a taxed system operating in our bodies. Let’s dissect what we can do to mitigate these stressors which brings us back to fulfillment in our lives.