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INCPAS Seminars are Paperless 

Manuals are not distributed onsite, but are available for download five business days prior to the date of the event. We will send a reminder email from once the materials link is active.

To access your materials, login to your account. Go to the “My Event Materials” section and click the down arrow to see your materials. If you would like a printed copy, you may download and print prior to the event.

Why the new approach?

  • It is important to have the most current information. The PDF link that we share with you five business day prior to the event will be the most current information.
  • Paperless eliminates the need to store or collect those manuals on your desk or in your office.
  • Instead of flipping through multiple printed pages to find a definition, act or rule, you can use the shortcut “Ctrl F” and type in the word you are looking for.
  • INCPAS has received numerous requests from attendees to go paperless.
  • By spending less on printing and shipping of manuals, we are able to keep registration fees down.
  • Going paperless is environmentally friendly.

What if I want a printed copy of the manual?

If you would like a printed copy, download the manual from the link we provide you and print prior to the seminar.

When can I download my manual?

Materials will be available for download five business days prior the date of the seminar. In the registration confirmation, there will be a link to the manuals. INCPAS will send you reminder via email (from once the materials link is active. Facility wireless can be unreliable, so we encourage you to download your materials in advance. INCPAS will provide limited access to electrical outlets for charging. Materials will be available to download 30 business days after the seminar date.

What can I view my download materials on?

You can view your manuals using your laptop, iPad, Kindle or Nook. Or, print them prior to the event and bring them with you.

How will the manuals be formatted?

All manuals will be converted to a PDF electronic format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or higher.

What options are available to annotate my manual in PDF format?

You can annotate your manual using the following:

  • Adobe Acrobat version 7.0 or higher
  • Nitro - free PDF software
  • FoxIT - free PDF software
  • iPad - users must purchase iAnnotate or other annotate apps to use with their ebook
  • Kindle Fire - users must purchase an app such as ezPDF or other annotate app in order to access bookmarks and annotation
How do I annotate/comment on my downloaded manual?

Here is a link with detailed directions on how to mark up and add comments to a PDF manual.

From your PC you can access the commenting tool bar by clicking on:

  • Tools > Customize Toolbars > Comment & Markup Toolbar > OK
  • From your MAC you can access the commenting tool bar by clicking on:
  • Tools > Comment & Markup > Show Comment & Markup Toolbar

The Commenting Toolbar offers three options for annotating your materials**:

  • Note Tool: To add notes to the document click the yellow Note Tool and then click on the location where you would like to leave a note. The Note Tool dialog box will appear and you will be able to enter your comments.
  • Highlight Text: This tool allows you to highlight text and perform functions such as Cross-Out and Underline text.
  • Show: This tool provides a variety of options for displaying and viewing the comments in the document. Click on Show > Show Comments List to display comments.
  • Be sure to SAVE your program materials when your commenting is complete.

**Note: If materials provided have been scanned, highlighting/commenting will not be accessible.

Am I expected to print the PDF files after they are downloaded?

We encourage participants to use their materials electronically and annotate. INCPAS is offering paperless manuals as an alternative way for attendees to receive their seminar materials by utilizing technology they already have and are familiar with.

May I share my manual link with others?

Manuals for all INCPAS events are copyrighted and permission to download/print is granted exclusively to the paid participant of the event.

Need help or have questions?

Call or email the INCPAS Member Services Department: (317) 726-5000 or