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Get to Know Your Network

As a member, you have access to nearly 7,000 CPA and accounting professionals across Indiana, plus 18 staff at the Society. Especially at a time when most meetings are virtual, this network is indispensable for continuing to build new connections and exchange ideas with your peers. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel—get your questions answered, faster, by reaching out to members encountering the same issues.

Here's a snapshot of the Society's members:
  • 5,784 are CPAs
  • 2,838 are in Public Accounting
  • 1,778 are in Business & Industry
  • 1,679 are young professionals (ages 35 & under)
  • 323 are students
  • 90 are educators
  • 280 live out of state

Search your network by name, company, region, organization type and niche areas of interest. Send a private message introducing yourself or post a public question to Open Forum to get the expertise you need.

Go to and select "Find A Member." Use your username and password to log in.

Here's a snapshot of the Society staff ready to help you with your questions:
  • 18 INCPAS staff members are here working on your behalf
  • 7 serve in our Member Services department
  • 2 serve in an advocacy role to effect legislative change benefiting the profession and business in Indiana

To see what each staff member can help you with and get their email address, go to our Staff Directory. Whether it's questions about license renewal, ethics issues, Exam information or seeking answers from a government agency—someone here can help.

Remember, we are always here to support you—contact us anytime at or (317) 726-5000.