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The Indiana CPA Society is a statewide professional association representing nearly 8,000 CPAs and accounting professionals who are transforming business in Indiana. We serve the public interest as well as our members. We function as an advocate for the profession through education, public awareness, government relations and promotion of high ethical standards. Programs and services offered by us are designed to meet the needs that have been identified for our diverse membership.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the professional success of our members while respecting the public interest; to encourage and facilitate the adherence to high ethical and professional standards; to facilitate relationships that will benefit our members; to promote a better understanding of services rendered by CPAs; and to represent our profession.


Our Value Proposition

The Indiana CPA Society:

Uphold the integrity, trust and pride of the profession

Advocate and protect on behalf of our members

Enhance the value of the CPA designation

Transform the profession to be competency‐based